Friday, September 27, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

Computers are like Old Testament Gods; lots of rules and no mercy.

It’s been a rough week.  Everything started going downhill on Monday when the crud arrived but now that Friday is finally here, most of it is gone.    By Tuesday I was house bound or should I say RV bound.  Even though we pulled in our son’s driveway, I haven’t spent any time at all visiting.  I warned them not to stop and visit because the last thing I wanted to do was pass the crud to anyone else.  However, I’m hoping Terry won’t be a victim.  I rarely catch anything … rarely but I did.  Terry usually catches everything so I’m hoping he won’t..  He has an appointment for a biopsy on his thyroid this next week.  We need to have that biopsy taken and behind us before we start our trek fedex1south.

The good news ----- Mission Accomplished !  Terry is finally the owner of a brand new computer.  It was ordered on Tuesday and FedEx delivered it on Thursday!  I didn’t pay extra for any delivery upgrades and with free shipping it arrived two days later.  Now that’s fast service.

The bad news ----- It has Windows 8 which means there will be a learning curve on this one. 

While we’ve been mooch-docking, I’ve been jumping on my son’s Wi-Fi.  Almost all of my updates have been taken care including the IOS 7 system for my iPhone.  The iPad still needs to be loaded with the new system but Terry has hijacked that for his books so I’m not sure if I’ll ever get it back.

iTunes is probably my least favorite program. In order to sync between the iPhone, the iPad and a computer, it needs to be loaded and working.  With the new release of iTunes loaded, I can no longer sync.  I can’t say this is the first time I’ve had problems with iTunes or even the second time.  I just don’t keep count.   The devices are recognized, a sync starts but it never really happens.   I’ve changed cords, tried Wi-Fi syncing and even loaded the new version of iTunes over and over.  I’m thinking my next phone is definitely not going to be one that needs iTunes.  acer

I’m also thinking I might spring for a tablet especially since Terry “borrowed” the iPad. However, I know very little about the tablets so research is something I’ll need to do.  I can just say it will either have a Windows OS or an Android system and it won’t have to sync with iTunes. The problem that I’m seeing is that there aren’t a lot of apps out there for tablets with the Windows OS and very few computer programs run on it.  Research, research, research.

Sabrina comes up with all kinds of cute little ideas.  She loves making jewelry and does one heck of a job.  She gets ideas from just about every place.  On this project she uses scrabble tiles and when finished a chain, lace or cord is attached and the tile wwbecomes a necklace.  Most of these pictured aren’t quite finished but I loved them.  They are all glazed.  Some sparkle and some even glow in the dark.


Not all who wander are lost

Life is a journey not a destination.

She has some with well known Bible verses and others with pictures.  The lighting wasn’t really good when I took the pictures but you get the idea.

I’m thinking when you see me I’ll be wearing one of these.  The problem I’m having is deciding which one I want!!  

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Sabrina does come up with the best ideas. Her jewelry is beautiful.

    Thank goodness the computer problem is over and done. You will do fine with the learning curve.

    Glad you over the curd! Seems just a bit too early to have that stuff.

  2. I'm getting used to Windows 8 but that doesn't mean I like it. Sure happy to hear you're feeling better and fingers crossed that Terry stays well. Sabina is just amazing.

  3. iTunes is not at the top of my list of favourite software either. I pretty much stick to manual syncing instead of letting iTunes do it and mess everything up.

  4. Daves says Windows 8.1 is much better than 8.0.

  5. Victory, Sweet Victory! Slightly tarnished by Windows 8... :c)

    So if you park in your son's driveway, you're Moochdocking. Now what do you call using his Internet? Moochsurfing??? :cD

  6. I am with you on Disliking IOS. My next phone will not be an Apple product, and neither will my tablet, I am thinking. Let me know what you get! I won't update my ipad software because I like the old map.


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