Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It’s Not Going to Happen

There is only one rule for being a good talker – learn to listen.

Sunday we had birthday celebrations for Terry.  No one gets out of listening to me sing on their birthday.  It’s a punishment all must endure.  We had originally planned to attend the RV show in Portland.  However, there were six of us and considering the cost of getting in and parking, we decided that really wasn’t something we wanted to do.  The party on the other hand was something we put our focus into.  Just think we have two more of these coming up this weekend …. one for Sabrina and one for Robert.  My vocal chords are going to get a workout for sure.

unhappyIt’s Official …. it isn’t going to happen.  We had a little trip east on our agenda … just a little one but it’s not going to happen.  Well, at least not right now.  We know how to make reservations. We rarely make them because we usually end up having to cancel.  I guess it’s a good thing we write most of our plans in chalk.  This time we didn’t want to erase those plans but we’ve been busy doing just that.  We’ve been busy canceling reservations.   You can call us unhappy campers.

With plans changed our focus turned to trying to figure out exactly what WE want to do.  We still need to get through the next couple of weeks with planned visitors (cousins) and appointments.  Then, we’re going  to get out a little more chalk and a calendar to go to work on planning again.  Our little community has a big meeting on the 28th but after that Terry said he’s ready to start making tracks.  However, who knows how far those tracks will take him …. 5 miles, 50 miles, 500 miles ??

According to our never-wrong weatherman, rain is in the forecast.  Thursday the temperature will jump up to 80 but after that the mid-60’s and intermittent rain seems to fill that forecast.  Our plans are really getting dampened.  Regardless of the weather we do know we are ready to 1sep5_1get back into civilization.

Check out this little bench Tammi made out of blocks!

The replacement awning fabric we ordered arrived yesterday.  We haven’t picked it up or made plans yet for the installation of it.  However, when we move the motorhome into town for the installation of it we won’t be bringing the motorhome back to the cabin until next spring.  It will be pointed towards the sunshine.


We discovered a cute little café right in North Portland.  It’s the Island Café.  It was by accident we even discovered it.  The cafe is on Hayden Island and sits on the dock with lots of boats and houseboats all around.  It has great happy hour specials and a super friendly staff.  We’ve had so much rotten luck lately with restaurants that we were pleased to discover this gem.   

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I am so sorry about your trip east. I sure had my fingers crossed for that one to happen. See you in the south.

  2. Nice looking birthday cake - almost like a rocket!

    Too bad about your trip cancellations but what can you do?

    I'm not so sure that cement block sofa would be all that comfy to stretch out on.

  3. Love the idea of the outdoor sofa. She is such a clever young lady.

    Sorry to hear you have to change your plans, but you two always come up with something exciting to do. I am sure this will be no different.

    Salt water works great on the vocal

  4. Dang! Having to cancel the trip east is NOT good news. Hope Justin is doing well, anyway.

  5. I can't begin to count how many times my plans were cancelled due to "Operational Necessity". Here's hoping that things may all get sorted out quickly and you can put those easterly travels back on the agenda.

    Having to sing at so many birthdays is partly your own fault. Having kids and grandkids leads to may a birthday! :cD

  6. The Happy birthday cake looks good can we have a pice for Suzie's birthday too?
    Your plans are like ours written in chalk!
    Good luck wherever you go.

  7. So sorry about your plans to head east. I can't remember how many times we have had to do the same thing...cancel and reschedule again and again...

    Nice view for lunch at the cafe...


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