Saturday, September 21, 2013

Eating My Words

If you can't get a compliment any other way, pay yourself one.

My picture of the day. The fellow in black is in his rescue swimming gear. Don’t you think he’s the best looking one on that boat?  They are transporting passengers from one ship to another.  I guess Justin's there just to be sure some of those sailors don't fall in.  Sounds like great duty to me! 

SIL, Robert, had another way of looking at that picture --- "5 guys to escort him.  Awesome!!! "

Remember the fiasco of the other day and the three charges my credit card was carrying for computers that were eventually voided?  Well, I just knew this was going to happen and it did.  I got a call from the American Express Fraud line.  Ever get one of those?  It was only after they declined the fourth computer I tried to order.  It was within seconds that my phone started ringing.  How can they catch it that fast?  The most important and first question they asked was if I had the card in my possession.  It was very unusual activity for me to purchase four large ticket items online within a 24 hour period.  They needed to be sure it was me.  I assured them it was.

Once that stress was over I went back online and ordered the computer again.  This time it went through without the Fraud Department stopping it.  One charge for a previously ordered laptop has finally fallen off my account.  That’s a good thing.  However, the two ordered from Newegg are still there along with the new one I just ordered.  Maybe Newegg’s will fall off tomorrow.  I just know I won’t be paying for them.  The good thing is that the computer I finally ordered is exactly 0sep21_1the same as the one we tried to order from Newegg only cheaper.  So, it’s a good thing they didn’t like my billing address. 

The racks we bought in July

Remember how I bragged about the kayak racks we bought?  I believed I said they were perfect.  Well, I have to eat my words and they aren’t tasting very good right now.
Our Jeep is higher than most cars and on top of that it has also been raised another few inches.   When we first started looking at kayaks one of my requirements was that the kayak be under 40 pounds.  Well, when we discovered our current kayaks the weight requirement went out the window.  I’ve been lucky when we’ve been out that others have been handy to relieve me from my duty of helping to load the kayak on top of the Jeep in the Thule J racks.  Loading has not been 0sep21_3an easy task for me.

Easier to load without the J Brackets 

Since Friday was forecast to be a nice day and rains were expected after that, we decided to do a little kayak loading practice.  It has definitely been a struggle for me lifting my share of the 50 pounds up and over my head.  We knew if something was this difficult, we would have less of a desire to use the kayaks.  We decided to practice. We didn’t have quite the problem when we were just loading the kayaks upside down on the top rack we had custom made.  The problem was created when we purchased the Thule “J” loaders as those loaders were designed for securing the kayak on its side.

Problem solved.  Off came the “J” loaders and we’re going back to base one.  Now we just need to purchase some new longer tie downs and we’re good to go again.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Thats a good thing that you got the credit card al straightened out, and are resolving the kayak rack issue too.

  2. I appreciate the credit card fraud department, but I wish they would understand that I buy several hundred dollars of diesel fuel at a time. I've had them shut off my card several times over that. No matter how many times I inform them of my normal fuel purchase, it sets off alarm bells. I guess that's a good thing.

    Nice picture of Justin on the job. It will be a great keepsake for him!

  3. American Express were doing their job. Yes it is kind of scary. Big brother is always watching but they kept you safe.

  4. I had the same problem when I tried to buy a Dell computer on-line. I tried AMEX and it wouldn't go through, then I tried a M/C and it wouldn't go through either. I felt like a deadbeat!!! Then I got e-mails and phone calls from both credit card fraud departments. It was a pain in the neck. I finally just went to Costco and bought an HP laptop. But the one I wanted from Dell had Windows 7 on it, and it would have been a whole lot easier. I understand they are doing their job, but come on.

    When I started traveling this summer in NM, every time I tried to charge gas, propane, Wal-Mart, anything!, it was declined. I kept having to call the credit card from the "office" and finally they said they wouldn't decline my card any more. FOR SIX MONTHS! Because I was not in California. Give me a break! Oh God, the six months is probably almost up. :(

  5. Jeri, You wear me out !! LOL

  6. It is a pain, but I am glad the credit card fraud dept. is working...we travel around so much. It's kinda scary how many places the cards have been used!

  7. We bought a TV and a stereo system on a Friday after the banks closed. Boy, the questions the company put Dave through before they authorized the charge. They even made the clerk look at Dave's drivers license to assure them he looked like the photo. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure glad I don't have a big diesel tank, though.

  8. We have fixed the top of the trailer where we can haul the kayaks on top. Ours weigh under 40# so it's not too hard to get them up there, Wouldn't want to load them every day but for a week or so stay it's not bad.
    Freddy and Delcie

  9. We check our credit card postings online everyday. We have had several fraudulent charges several years ago and so it sadly is just part of life these days

  10. We are back in the land of the living. Going to try to catch up on everyone's posts.

    So glad the computer issue is cleared up. Egads...Paul would have been going nuts!

    So sorry about that rack. Glad you found a fix.


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