Thursday, September 5, 2013

Black Tank Mess

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

hoseI wasn’t necessarily going to blog about this and I certainly had no plans to take pictures of it.  However, Mr. Dahl recently mentioned he thought he had a grey tank leak.  I wanted to let him know we did have a leak and it wasn’t a grey tank leak either.   It also wasn’t on the motorhome.  It was at the cabin.  The hose to our black tank had a leak and we’re not exactly sure how long it had been leaking.  The only thing we know …. it was too long.  Yes … let your imagination run away with that picture!!

cahsresguWe got the call we expected Tuesday afternoon.  It was actually the call I was dreading.  It was from our mechanic.  I walked out of the room while Terry talked to him.  All I could think about was the cash register calculating.  However, it was actually good news.  Well, not just good news but great news.  There had been no damage to the engine on our Jeep Wrangler.  There had been no damage to the valves.  The timing belt along with all the other hoses and belts were replaced including the water pump for about $550.  Needless to say we were both very much relieved.  Yippee!  Yahoo!!

1sep5_3Wednesday was a busy day.  I started it off by getting the smoker ready to go with water in the water bowl, wood chips for flavoring and a nice even heat.  Next I added a brisket, chicken and a pork roast.  Nummy!

Next out came the hoses.  We scrubbed the motorhome and both vehicles.  That’s always an invitation to rain.  We had a few little sprinkles in the morning but by mid-morning it was really a nice day.  However, considering that we had just washed everything, we knew it would probably rain overnight.  It didn’t but it’s heading this way or at least that’s what the weatherman is telling us.

1sep5_6While we were on a roll we also cleaned up our two Weber’s and had two propane tanks filled.  We have one set we leave at the cabin and one we take on the road.  Our traveling Weber was then put into one of our recently cleaned out basement bins in the motorhome.  It’s ready to take south.


In the evening we had time to attend Jordie’s soccer game.  She played high school soccer and now she’s playing college soccer.  I guess she has no choice but to play since she also received a soccer scholarship. Besides that … she loves it.

Best news of all  …. we even heard from Justin.  He is well and I'm a happy camper.  'Nuff said.

This will be a busy weekend.  I’m off to Texas tomorrow for another reunion so I’ll catch up later. (Yes, Marsha, a first cousin’s reunion – it’s an excuse, of course!)  It’s always tough to try to pack when the temperatures you’re in are much different than where you’re going.  The only time I’ll need a jacket is just while I’m sitting on a plane.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. That is good glad to hear Justin is well.

    Wish I could say we had scrubbed our MH...and I don't think our Jeep will ever be clean again!

    You are so smart to plan meals and have meats smoking. Enjoy!

  2. I can't wait to experience your smoked meat.

    Fingers and toes crossed!

  3. Uh oh, they say bad things come in threes. I had a leak, you had a leak. I wonder who is next... ;c)

    Great news on the JAGJEEP's engine. After your leak, I bet you appreciated that spot of sunshine. The price was good and it was smart to replace the waterpump at the same time.

    Glad Justin is doing well. Won't stop our prayers for him and his shipmates in a difficult area.

  4. Great news on the Jeep...bad news on the sewer.

    You two were cleaning machines.

    Safe travels to yet another party.

  5. All that news sounds pretty good even the black water problem just it could have been much worse.
    Especially Justin .

  6. Sure happy to hear you had some good news to balance off the bad. I was happiest to know you heard from Justin. Sounds like you're getting everything together for take off.

  7. You really dodged a bullet on the Timing Belt problem, I expected to hear much worse.

  8. Good news from Justin has us all breathing easier. Hope it stays that way.


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