Monday, August 5, 2013

Shoes and More Shoes

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!
(The problem is figuring out what shoes are the right shoes.)

Shoes, shoes and more shoes.  Just how many pairs of shoes does an RVer average?  Just as I was getting ready to post this blog, I read one written about my minimalist friend, Linda.  She needs special shoes because she has ankle pain.  The special shoes must be able to fit an insert prescribed to help relieve some of the pain.  She has very few shoes and had none that her insert would fit inside of.  That definitely isn’t my case. 

How many regular pairs of shoes do you carry along?  I didn’t know how many I had but I knew it was more than one or two and I figured for an RV lifestyle I most definitely had more than most.  Some I’ve had a very long time and they really look like I’ve had them a very long time too.

My shoes used to be mainly black ones.   The original idea was to have just a few pairs and black goes with everything.   The original idea of having just a few didn't last long. I like shoes.  How many pairs do I really need? 

So, the sorting and the countdown began.


Very, old?  Yes, but I like both of these.  They’ve been around a mighty long time.

Just because your clothes don’t fit any more has nothing to do with shoes fitting.  Some you can wear for years and years.  One pair of shoes doesn’t necessarily work for all occasions either.   Okay, so I said that I like shoes. I like purses too but I only have two purses.


One of my current favorites.  They are well-worn and well-used but still a current favorite.

Shoes don’t always stay looking good.  Well, they can if you rarely wear them and only wear them on good clean pavements.  Traveling in an RV doesn’t mean that’s always going to happen. 

I no longer have any heels but everyone needs a pair or two of sort of dressy shoes.  

I never, never wear the Grasshoppers on the far left.  I’ve decided to toss them … eventually..

We all have favorites.  Sometimes I’ve bought two pairs of the same shoe just because I liked them.  I knew when I wore one pair out another pair probably would not be available.


I loved the Merrill’s but they’ve seen better days.  

They need to go and they need to go NOW.


And, there's more. 

 I also have some special purpose footwear for puddles. One pair is needed for the cabin and the other for the motorhome.

And, there's more. 


I do have shoes that aren’t black.

It’s not that I have a lot of them but I do have some.  Well, maybe I do have a lot of them.

And, there's more. 


I probably need to keep the water shoes for the kayak. I've had those for quite some time. 

Then, I bought the pair on the right for kayaking thinking they were just like my old Keenes.  Not so.  I don't really like these and I loved the Keenes.


Did anyone notice that there were no pictures of  tennis shoes?  I’ve had a pair or two before but having to tie your shoes on just isn’t my thing.  Besides, I’ve never thought they were that comfortable or looked that great on my feet.


Everyone needs a blue pair of shoes to go with jeans.

The gold ones go with  almost everything.  

These are necessities, of course!

I know it’s time to downsize the shoes. I know it.  We’ve done the house, the storage shed,  the motorhome and even the clothes at times but the shoes?  Well, that’s another thing. 



<-------- em="">
This pair may look like it needs shoestrings but not so. 
Everyone needs at least one pair of boots.

Well, I’m really not done yet as I haven’t included the flip flops, the small boots I used for clam digging or a couple other pairs that are probably in the storage shed.  I don’t wear them so I’m guessing next time I see them, I might donate someplace.  I might. 

So, how many pairs of shoes do you have under your bed or in your closet?

Oh well … at least you got to see most of them  ---- the good and the bad.  You've just been on a trip.  This trip was through my shoe closet.

Looking for reunion gadgets the other day, I discovered this.  However, I didn’t think a Pet Pooper would be very popular as a door prize.  However,  I might be wrong.  This Pet Pooper poops CANDY!   Maybe it would be a real hit after all.


‘Tis life on the road ……… and, Tuesday we’re really on the road again !


  1. Good grief - are you related to Imelda Marcos by chance (remember her and her shoes?)? That's a lot of shoes but they all look pretty nice!

  2. nice collection of shoes you have! many is too many?..a girl can never have too many or can she?

  3. You do have a good selection there, but in and Rv you only have so much room so maybe downsize a bit?

  4. Well, I WOULD have been shocked that you had some many pairs of shoes, but then I looked in my closet. I not only carry eight pairs of shoes outside my big plastic bin; I have ten additional pairs of heels, flats and boots. Egads...I need to do some cleaning also.

    I would definitely by the Pet Pooper. Everyone will get a big kick out of it.

  5. Is that all the shoes you have? You should see Marti's collection. We have to make sure they are evenly spaced in the closet or the Journey will list to one side... :cO

    Pet Pooper? How many of those do you have??? :cD

  6. Funny post! I so relate! I have 2 pair of cowboy boots and lost count on how many pairs of flip flops we haul around that are collecting dust. I have no problem sending clothes to the Goodwill, why not shoes? I figured it was because I grew up having 1 pair of church shoes, 1 pair of school shoes and that was it!

  7. IN five years of full timing I carried two pair of sneakers and two pair of crocs and a pair of hiking shoes. Personal threats keep me from saying how many pairs my better half carried, but a lot more than me:)

  8. Okay, that was so funny both Doug and I were roaring. Okay girls, I have counted and I have 1 pair of flip flops, 2 decent pairs of sandals, 1 pair of runners (eh, for tennis shoes), 2 pairs of clogs (one I never wear) and no boots. Is it time for me to shop for more? Oh yeah, no snow shoes either.

  9. I'm "shoeless" compared to you as I only bring a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals with me - that'a about all I've ever needed.

  10. I have a pair of fake Crocs and a pair of sandals. That's about it. I wear the crocs outside around the campground and the sandals when shopping or if the terrain is rough, since they have a thicker sole. Inside the rig, I go barefoot, but if it's cold, I have a pair of warm slippers. Oh, and I also have a pair of shower flip-flops in my shower bag.

    I have other shoes on board, but they aren't worn. I'll need them if I ever come off the road; I don't want to have to re-buy shoes. Most are flats. I also have hiking boots and some running shoes and a pair of red western boots that are stored.

  11. Technically, the shoes in my blog aren't the only ones I own. I also have a pair of those net-top water shoes for doing aqua aerobics and a pair of fleece lined Minnetonka Moccasins to keep my feet warm when it's cold. But, having failed at trying to get my new orthotics into shoes I now own I will be heading out shoe shopping sometime soon. Wonder how many pairs will have to buy?

  12. I have two pairs of sneakers - one white one black. That's it !!


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