Sunday, August 18, 2013

Port Townsend

There cannot be a crisis next week.  My schedule is already full.

Our drive to Port Townsend was a short one.  Short drives are always nice.  Well, sometimes long ones are too.  Our original thought was we’d pull into the Elks RV park.  However, as we are certainly known for, we changed our mind and decided we wanted full hookups.  Then, the closer we got we even changed our mind back to the Elks.  After all we knew they had 1reunion_38a dump on site and that would work too.  At least we remembered there had been a dump on site the last time we stopped.  When we arrived we realized things weren't as they had been.  The dump was closed.  It wasn’t just a temporary closure.  The city had closed it permanently.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.

View from Point Hudson RV park.

After pulling into a site at the Elks, we took a little trip four miles down the road to check availability at the SKP park.  We had been there too.  It’s a very popular park and fills up often during the summer months.  Needless to say, it was full.  The only thing available was boondocking.  We had recently done our share of boondocking ... well, kind of but figured we'd sure like full hookups.  After all, it was about time.

I've wanted a new paddle but thought I had picked out the one I wanted.  I've now changed my mind.  I want one of these!!
Pygmy Boats in Port Townsend.  Lightweight boats you build yourself!  Of course, Terry would love, love, love to do this.  Wonder how much the class costs?  We know what the kits cost.
There are several great places to stay around the Port Townsend area.  It’s a nice place to visit so those great places fill up.  Next stop was the Point Hudson RV park which is directly on the water with a fantastic view.  We would have loved to have stayed here.  However,  that didn’t work either.  Instead of wasting our time wishing we’d made reservations, we walked around the Point and checked out the Pygmy Boats before heading to the Bayview Restaurant.  At least at the restaurant we got to enjoy the waterfront view with kayaks paddling by even though we didn’t get to enjoy that scenery out the front window of our motorhome window.  We also got to watch the ferries dock, load up and take the travelers over to Whidbey Island. I love the Washington State Ferry system.


We had one big hiccup in our plans though.  Our arrival in Port Townsend was on Tuesday.  Here we were about 200 miles north of Portland and Terry had a doctor’s appointment there on Thursday. We needed a secure place to leave our motorhome and the kayaks while we scurried down for that appointment.  It ended up being the Elks even though we really wanted a 0PT_3place with a dump for a change.  

Elks – Port Townsend – A very friendly and nice place to stay while there.  They were expecting to be packed in over the weekend as they had a group coming in.  Great host too!!

Wednesday rolled around and we  loaded up Duchess and headed south, spent the night at our little “cabin”, took care of the doctor the next day and headed the 200 plus miles north again.  It was a long drive and now we had another doctor’s appointment scheduled the following week.  What did we do?

Our own little resort
The deer didn't take long to show up and beg for food.

0PT_1Another place we like is Rest A-While RV park. It is just north of Hoodsport on the Hood Canal.  It's not like there is much there but the view out the front window of the motorhome is awesome.  We drove by it again on our trip to Portland and back.


The best place of all on the Hood Canal is the Waterfront at Potlatch.  Well, in our opinion, it looks like it just might be.  It’s pretty popular and usually very full.  You really have to plan ahead to stay.  Such was the case this time at the Waterfront. It is absolutely gorgeous and right on the water. Again, maybe next year. Check it out and see what I mean.

After the doctor appointment was behind and we had returned to Port Townsend, we knew we needed to dump.  Since we had to load up anyway, we decided to move.

Our first stop was back at the SKP park just down the road.  For $5 we could use their dump and that’s just what we did. 

Finding a place to stay in this area during August is not always an easy thing to do.

There are lots of State Parks in Washington and also on the Kitsap Peninsula.  There are lots of places to kayak too.  However, many of the state parks are in heavily wooded areas.  I remember there I enjoyed that.  That’s not the case today.  If it’s heavily wooded, you aren’t going to find us there.  The summers are rarely so hot in Washington that you need the cover of the trees.  Let that sunshine shine through and warm us up!  Besides that, our satellite antenna has a heck of a time when we’re under the trees.  If needed, our solar wouldn’t do a great job either.

We had to move. Sandi was scheduled to take her open water dive for her scuba certification north of Tacoma over the weekend. We hoped to be closer so we could meet up with her and Tammi.

Next year we have to be better with our planning and making reservations so we don’t seem to be running all the time. That’s the plan for next year. However, this summer is going by very fast. I don’t like that. I wish it’d slow down. Before long ….. we’ll be heading south for the winter. 

There’s so much to do and so little time to do it in.

Am I caught up with my blog yet?  Heck no!!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You're bouncing around more than Sherriff Ricochet Rabbit! You're certainly never going to have to worry about grass growing under your feet... :cD

  2. Joe's place? Not sure what facilities he has nor how close he is to where you want to be, though.

  3. Sure is nice moving about, thats what we enjoy too.
    AND no trees for the same reasons plus our coach gets very dirty under the trees too.
    Keep having too much fun.

  4. Summer is fading fast!

    It is nice sometimes to settle down in a place for a few weeks, but we always get excited about moving on!

  5. You two make me tired. You park, you drive, you drive, you park.

    I do love that cabin setting.

  6. Thanks for the tips on some of those nice looking RV parks along the Hood Canal. We're often looking for a place to stay while getting close to Port Angeles on our way home.

  7. OK, so remind me again why you guys even bought the gorgeous cabin ???? You're never there !!! LOL

  8. I think that one on the Columbia is the one you want us to experience. Looks interesting.


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