Friday, August 23, 2013

Making Winter RV Travel Plans

The ocean is a central image. It is the symbolism of a great journey.

Three days ago I ended my previous blog not knowing where we going or what we were going to do.  The only thing I knew is that Terry had another doctor’s appointment and we needed to be there …. about 160 miles away.  Now whether we would be there for just a day trip or whether we would actually move the RV, we didn’t know.

We moved the RV.  As you can tell, it wasn’t planned.  We just woke up the following morning and decided to go.  That we did.  Along the way we checked out a few RV parks but none of them really grabbed us so we just kept going.  We ended up at another Elks but this time in Kelso.  The price was right and the location worked gr_Monterey13_thumb[4]eat too.

I had to go back to previous blogs to add pictures to this one.  I had none!  Love the diary of a blog! Of course, I was looking for beachie pictures too.

In the meantime, I’ve detected “chatter” from our RV group.  The push is on and winter travel plans are being discussed.  Gads!  Do we really have to think about where we’re going to be and when?  Do we need to get out the chalk or are these marks on our calendars supposed to be made in ink?  Who has their winter plans in place?  I know dates need to be decided and location determined. Folks need to know which direction to head and when or they groupphoto20124x61_thumb[3]might be on the wrong coast.

This isn’t everyone …. some folks showed up later and other folks were on that wrong coast.

Every year our  RV group organizes a reunion.  The meeting place has usually been Quartzsite but we’ve also had a gathering or two in Yuma.  Just because it starts one place rarely means it ends there.  Folks tend to wander off together.  However, with the Big Tent Show in Quartzsite, having any get together at the same time someplace else means our numbers are decreased.  It’s a tough, tough thing to compete against.

We also do a lot of this …. eating out that is.  What strange folks we have here including Deb and Mike and Paul and Marti … not in the pictures above.  -- same time but just a few days later.  That’s how it works.

So, the other day I sat down to start my research.   One thing we do know is that we will probably start our journey south just as soon as Justin’s leave is over.  That should be around the middle terjer12of October.  We also know we’d like to spend Christmas with the kids. 

I  discovered this picture .. about 2010.  I love the color of my hair on that old blog.   It might be time for a change …. yet again. I’m good at that!

Our tentative plan is to meander a little south with friends, Toni and Doug.  How far are we going?  We don’t know.  We’re hoping to leave the motorhome in a site for the approximate ten days or so while we’re gone.  That’s going to take some research for sure finding a place that will let us do that within the distance we’re willing to drive back.  Then, of course, we have the weather to contend with at that time.  Nope …not ready to stress about this.

It’s hard to think of where we’d like to go.  Some of the places we like the best are on the beach.  We’ll probably plan some of that.   We know we’ll visit Parker and Quartzsite …. even though I said we’d been there, done that enough and probably wouldn’t go back.  Okay, so I lied.  We’ll probably go back and it’ll probably be in January of 2014.  Besides that I don’t have a clue. 

I have learned if we want a good site during the time when snowbirds merge on the southern states, that sometimes we need to think about reservations depending on desired location.  I do know how to make reservations and I know how to cancel them.  I do that often.

I also know traveling to southern California and the San Diego area requires traveling through through busy Los Angeles with its stop and go traffic.


Oceanside, CA Elks is in a great location with a short drive to the beach.

With all the confusion about where we’re going to be and when months from now.  I did start my research and actually made a real reservation.  However, the reservations were for today (Friday) and not for 3 months down the road.  That’s just about as far as I got.  I’m not good at making plans this far out but I’ll work on it. 


Anyone have their winter plans already worked out for them? 

This is beachfront property though.
We do have a very favorite park in San Diego.  When we were there it was just boondocking on the the waterfront. Then, they closed it down in order to add utilities.  Rumor has it that it might open again in a few months.  Did that get us excited?  It did.  However, we also know those utilities they’ve added will probably greatly increase the price.
What are we willing to spend a night?  

What are you willing to spend a night?  

We aren’t quite sure yet.  

One more thing …. we need to get a new awning sooner than later.  Our first thought was to have the whole mechanism replaced when we get south … savings there would be hundreds of dollars.  However, we can’t wait that long.  Anyone ever just replace the fabric?  That’s probably next on our list of things we need to do.

Right now it’s time to think about getting on the road again. We’re heading to the coast …

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We're hoping to get out to the West this year, leaving right after New Years. Quartzsite is always fun. But we now have a wedding on 1 March in NJ that is putting a fly in the ointment for us, we can't miss this one. We're scratching our heads over what to do.

    We like the San Diego CG, too, but haven't heard if it has yet reopened. FHUs would make it great and probably increase the amount of users, too, as well as the cost. Still, for San Diego waterfront, the cost may be worthwhile.

    It can't be as bad as the new Army campground 20 miles south of DC at Fort Belvoir, VA. $60/night! What are they thinking? It's even more than commercial campgrounds. :cO

    So we're taking it slow and hoping to work everything out. Been too long since we broke bread with ya'll! :c)

  2. I see a kayak race in our future! We know a few other folks that will be interested in a kayak race with you too. We are watching that campground for sure. We thought it was paradise!

  3. My winter plans are firm: Quartzsite during the RV show bouncing around among several groups, Parker most of the winter probably for two out of every three weeks, meeting up with OUR group sometime someplace, Phoenix at least once since I think I'm going to come due for vehicle maintenance while out there, and whatever else I feel like doing.

  4. We replaced our awning material only years ago and got the checkerboard. We had a wind storm while in Arizona and it ripped the old one which was perfect since our insurance took care of it. It just so happened that the day of the wind storm we also found a card from a local guy who repaired awnings...imagine that! He was heaven sent and did a great job and worked with us with our insurance company. We were all happy after that adventure!

    We too think we will be in Quartzsite this year and going to try NOT to work it all, we want to be visitors and have some fun, but not sure if our bankroll will agree so we might have to do a little of both...that would be a different concept. Hmmmm...still a long time away so we got time to hit a lottery!

  5. Plans ? Making reservations ?? NOPE, Not for me. Retirement and living full-time in an RV means just going with the flow for me.

    All I need to know is that I will be heading South sometime towards the end of October and will be boondocking the whole time.

    Yuma and Quartzsite are always definites.

  6. We are almost ready to make a reservation but only for Langley for our two week stay before we head first to Joe's RV Resort in Oak Harbor and then to meet up with Terry and Jeri in Washington. We also have to do our Travel Insurance soon. I hate that because it is a whack of money for something we may not need. We are buying peace of mind I guess.

  7. As far as what I'm willing to spend for a campsite, that would be ZERO! I buy the LTVA for AZ/CA areas, and the New Mexico State Park Pass. Those average out to $1.12 per day, and that's it. Unless something happened that I HAD to have hookups, I just wouldn't pay any more.

    I'm planning to leave New Mexico and travel to Quartzsite in October. I liked the la Posa campground I was in last year, the one with the fresh water and dumpsites, so I'll probably head there. It was much less dusty than the one across from the Big Tent area that I stay in my first year there. And I liked the ease of checking for lines to the dump station. :)

  8. All I know for sure yet is that I'm leaving here between the 20th and the 24th of October. Going to Ocean Shores for the Irish Music Festival and then heading south. Will spend some time in November in the Pahrump/Las Vegas area before heading down to Yuma. How long will I stay there? I have no idea. I will b e back home by the 15th of January at the latest. Now with all that looking forward, my Jello Ball is starting to melt.


  9. We leave next Saturday for Utah, then Houston for Thanksgiving-first of the year. Then headed to the Q. Paul wants to make one more trip there. We plan to winter somewhere out west but no definite plans.

  10. We checked out having the fabric replace in Desert Hots Springs a few years ago ,very reasonable. But ours is still good for now.
    Our plans are like yours, we plan on the Rv show in Quartzsite but no idea which way will travel there or back home, does not matter much will be fun anyway we go.

  11. We'll be doing our usual January thru March in Palm Springs, CA. If we do go to the Q, it'll only be for a day. Our only decision is what route we'll take home. It'll either be back up the coast or back home thru Nevada, Utah etc.

  12. We've never had an awning fabric replaced but our friends had one done at a rally and it only took a few minutes.

    Bill and I are in Michigan and plan to return to Arizona by mid October or November.

  13. We've never had an awning fabric replaced but our friends had one done at a rally and it only took a few minutes.

    Bill and I are in Michigan and plan to return to Arizona by mid October or November.

  14. We've never had an awning fabric replaced but our friends had one done at a rally and it only took a few minutes.

    Bill and I are in Michigan and plan to return to Arizona by mid October or November.

  15. We've never had an awning fabric replaced but our friends had one done at a rally and it only took a few minutes.

    Bill and I are in Michigan and plan to return to Arizona by mid October or November.


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