Friday, August 16, 2013

Leaving Port Angeles Behind

When a man gets close to a woman wearing a leather mini-skirt his heart starts beating faster, his throat gets dry, his knees get weak and he becomes irrational.. Why? Because the leather smells like a new car.

It’s been really hard to get back to blogging and update.  We’ve had so much going on and been so very busy but here goes.

As I mentioned the other day, once the food part was over it was time to set up for pictures.  We wanted the pictures first and then the games. 

Tammi was in charge of getting folks together and the competition.  One event was the Pony Express Race.  The cowboys and cowgirls got a real charge out of that one.


Another event was with the lasso.  Well, we called it a lasso.  It was actually a couple hula hoops (remember those?) I had picked up.  The idea was to throw the lasso over the balloons and over the flags attached down the string from the balloon. You had to get them both.  Here’s Tammi judging a ring toss.


Here’s a championship lasso throw if I ever saw one!!


We also had the wooden spoon event.  I do have a picture of that but I’m sure there are enough pictures in this blog already.  I’m trying to get caught up and it’s hard when you’re going, going and going some more.


Then, came the sarsaparilla social which was really root beer floats along with the prize awards.  Everyone got coupons for sending an RSVP, for participating in an event and for their team winning.  Then, they would drop the coupons in the cups behind the items they wanted to win.  The amazing thing is we had one 5 year old win about 5 things.  He was smiling from ear to ear.


After the social we had face painting.

1reunion_53 1reunion_24 1reunion_20

We weren’t through yet.  After most folks had left for the evening, we then had cake and ice cream.  We hadn’t been able to celebrate Tammi’s birthday so this is when we got to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles.  Every one was pretty beat!


Then, there was the Sunday morning pancake feed.  We fixed pancakes for everyone who had hung around.  The idea was to feed them and get them on the road.  We needed to get on the road too.  We were heading out to Wally and Susie’s place along with cousins, Larry and Judy.

Last year when we pulled out we broke off our Wilson Antenna.  This year we broke it off too.  I guess we never learn.  Thank goodness though we had the one with us that Michael had picked up at a garage sale a couple weeks ago.


Cousin Wally broke off his over-the-air antenna getting out.  Since he had just had knew surgery, Terry dismantled the antenna for him.  We were lucky our solar panels and our Satellite antenna didn’t get ruined too.


Our new site was gorgeous.  We were certainly mooch-docking again with partial hookups.  The views were outstanding.  We watched the ships coming and going on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  British Columbia is on the other side.  Sometimes my phone was on US towers but mostly on Canadian cell phone towers.  I wasn’t a happy camper about that.  I had to tell the kids not to call me and not to text me.



We shared some of the left overs from the reunion.  Actually, we cleaned them up.

We also got a chance to go kayaking.  There’s a gorgeous place not far from our location.  People fish, beachcomb, go crabbing and even kayak there.  It was a perfect place for us.




Before long it was even time to move out of the Port Angeles area.  I really made a haul.  I now have a whole crab in the freezer, freshly caught salmon and quite a bit of smoked salmon.  On our way out of town we had one more stop to watch the ferry come in before we were on our way.  It's a beautiful place.


Next stop …. Port Townsend.  A short drive.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You are gonna have to head South soon just to get a rest !!

  2. Looks like the reunion was a huge success and you are now moving on down the road, love moochdocking tooalways great for visiting friends.

  3. I love the idea of dropping the coupons behind the gift. Great idea.

    I don't see any adults getting their face painted :(

    What a fabulous time y'all had. So glad everyone enjoyed the weekend.

    Yes, your last mooch-docking site was wonderful. Save some of that food in the freezer for when we meet up this

  4. Wow, what a family reunion! What planning, what fun, what great food! Do you have any energy left? Good thing reunions don't happen everyday.

    Sometimes when I see pictures like yours, I wonder if I shouldn't have turned down an offered assignment to Port Angeles. Then I come to my senses and am glad I retired, so I can visit there at my leisure and not for work.

  5. Nice mooch-docking site you had. Glad you were able to finish up all that food too - much have been a tough job.

  6. Glad to hear the update but can sure understand why the blog took a back seat for awhile. I just can't get over all the work and great ideas you guys had for this reunion.

  7. Wow, what fun. Big family.

    Jump on that ferry and cross over to the other side :0


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