Thursday, August 1, 2013

It’s Over, I’m Done! Happy Birthday, Lee

A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s:  She changes it more often.

A couple days ago we celebrated Mike’s and Duchess’ birthday.  A few days before that we were wishing Happy Birthday to Jordie.  Now it’s time to wish Lee a very big


Happy Birthday

Next week it’s Tammi’s birthday and then we’re done until the middle of September when we have three more birthdays within a five day period.   (Just a little FYI ....  Just because my kids are having birthdays and getting older, it has nothing to do with my age.  I was just a wee child when they were born .. just a wee child.)

Just a little over three months ago I decided it was time to get rid of some of the weight I had put on over the last few years.  I hate diets.  Dieting takes a lot of will power.  It’s one thing you have to stick with if you want to be successful.  I announced to the world via my blog that I was going on a diet.  I figured by doing that the pressure would be on to stick scalewith it.  I guess it worked because I stuck with it. 
I had several goals.  I had a tentative weight goal that ended up getting lowered twice.  I guess that’s better than raising it.  I also had a size goal which also ended being lowered and also a date goal.  With three goals I was hoping that I’d at least hit one.  Well, I’m happy to say I hit all three and the diet part of it is behind me. So, I’m going to take a moment here to celebrate:

Yippee!!  Yahoo!!  Woot Woot!!

Now I have to see if I can maintain.  However, I did give myself a buffer so that should help. I wanted to be finished by August 1st.  I’m done.  It’s over and that goal I have no intention of changing.  I  charted my weight daily ... even though I know that you shouldn't because of daily variances but I like stats and spreadsheets.  The result -- I averaged approximately 6.46 ounces per day over the period I was on the diet.

Oh … Just how much did I finally lose? 

I lost 40 pounds

(If you find it, keep it.  I don’t want it back!)

Tuesday we celebrated Mike's birthday.   We had amazing queso, chips, birthday cake and ice cream.  That certainly doesn't sound like diet food.  Well, it wasn't.  It was all about family and good food.

Our little barbecue sure has come in handy and especially these last few months.

Recently we had grilled tomatoes off the Weber -- bruschetta style -- with a couple peaches thrown in.

We also had grilled asparagus.

Wednesday was a combination dinner.  Sabrina did the beans  I did the little potatoes on the Weber.  Lee did the pork ... BBQ style, of course..

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You go girl! Awesome...3 goals met. I call that determination. I'm sure feel so much better and have lots of energy.

    Lots of family time and birthdays...enjoy!

    Those grilled tomatoes sure looked yummy.

  2. Life is treating y'all wonderfully. I bet you can't believe your engrry level. We are so very proud of you. That was a very short time to lose that much weight. Good job!

    Pass on our happy birthday to everyone. I bet you had a ton of cake flying around there the past two weeks.

  3. Fantastic!!! Looking forward to seeing all those new clothes this winter.

  4. Gotta love grilling on your Weber, so much you can do easy and fun.

  5. Congrats on losing 40lbs. What an amazing feeling that must be!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! I'd love to know your plan for maintaining. I need one of those plans.

  7. Gosh that food looks soooooooooo yummy ! Only you (and me) would keep charts and spreadsheets on your weight loss. I'm ashamed to admit how many spreadsheets I have going !! LOL

  8. Congrats on the weight loss, there's probably nothing left of you anymore... :cD

    Now you can bring more things with you in the MH!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS! That's an amazing amount of weight to lose on your own. I lost a little over 20 pounds on Weight Watchers and have kept it off, but I know how hard it is. Basically - I guess it shouldn't be that hard, just eat good food, and we all know what that is. But I have a sweet tooth that's pretty hard to fight. So... I sure admire you for losing double what I did. I'm sure you are much healthier, when you have your next physical your numbers will all be better. And after 20 pounds I felt so much better, I can imagine how you are feeling. Physically and mentally. You Go Girl! :)


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