Friday, July 12, 2013

RV Step Part Ordered & A Swimsuit Photo

All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make the better.

First of all, we got the ball joint arm ordered for our step.  The other day we figured it would be easy to get it ordered.  All we had to do was take in the broken part and any RV repair place around here would be happy to order it for us.  Well, that’s not how it worked.  I guess the profit margin wasn’t steplucrative enough to bother with.  We were a little surprised that they couldn't handle it.  George suggested we go right to the manufacturer and order it ourselves.  Now why didn’t we think of that?  Well, it actually got me looking online for the manufacturer and I found several RV part sites with the exact item we needed.  By 9:00 the next morning it had been ordered and we felt a little relief in that it would soon be on it’s way to us.  I was surprised how easy it was to find on the internet especially when places who specialize in RV parts couldn't figure it out.  Thanks, George, for the tip. belviq

With the release of the new A1C reduction drug and promised gradual weight loss at the same time, Terry has been hoping his doctor would prescribe it for him.  It’s been all over TV and a hot topic in the medical field.  This new drug helps to lower A1C readings for diabetic individuals and also helps them drop a few pounds at the same time.  Alas, his doctor at the VA clinic can’t prescribe new drugs to hit the market. She said it was a great drug but since it was new the cost was too high. However, the drug company is negotiating with the VA since they feel it would lead to a huge cost savings in the future.  Thus, with his own doctor's approval, Terry decided to madk his own doctor call and visited an internal specialist on Thursday who examined him, checked his other medicines, ran an EKG and prescribed it.  The bad part is that it’s all out of our pocket including the $200 needed upfront at the doctor's office.  Now Terry will need to monitor his blood sugar readings more carefully than he ever has.  Actually, that should be good for him.  He’s never been good at doing that and over the years has got himself into trouble …. as some of you RVing buddies know. Also, if he gets his A1C down, he can get dental implants!!  That is a big incentive!

While Terry was sitting in a waiting room waiting for the shopping2_thumb[3]doctor, I was doing something a little bit more exciting.  Well, I thought it was exciting.

  Remember this image?  I posted it mid-May as my goal  -  Size 6.

Actually even more than a weight goal, I had a size goal.   This picture was to represent what size I wanted to be able to fit into on my future shopping days.  I can say … that part of my goal has been satisfied.

This is what I bought today!

Size 4!  Size 4!  

However, I must admit I couldn’t wear all size 4’s but I could wear several.  We all know it's who makes them, the style and how they are made.  Some of the 6’s fit perfectly too.  It was so much fun just to try clothes types I used to wear.   Now I've exceeded my goal and can say I’m into size 4 pants again!  Shopping day is going to be so much fun.  Heck, I might just move it up to tomorrow!   Woot!  Woot! 

For the rest of you who have been asking for a picture of me in a swimsuit, I am going to post one so get ready.  My friend, Janice,  sent me one she took a couple years ago when we were in Yuma.  Yep, that’s me modeling in a swimsuit!  Janice wanted proof first that those size 4 pants didn't belong to Jordie and I wasn't just pulling her leg!

What do you think?

‘Tis life on the road..


  1. You are too funny. I don't think I ever wore a size 4. That is so fantastic. And I bet you feel so much better. Sure hope that new medicine helps Terry. I hadn't ever heard of it. May talk to Jim's doctor when we have our next appointment.

  2. That is too funny...the swimsuit photo! WAY TO GO!...a size 4. Just awesome! Enjoy your shopping day. You will have a blast.

    Good luck to Terry!

  3. I think they probably don't make that t-shirt in my size. I think I'd be happy to get back down to a size 10. But they tell me sizing has changed so that may be larger than it used to be. :(

  4. Hey glad you found the part for your step on line. hope it all works our for you!
    You lookin" good in that swim suit, lady!

  5. You should be very proud of yourself!

  6. WHOA...size 4? I haven't seen that since grade school. That is amazing girlfriend! We are so proud of you. You look like a walking poster for the Red, White and Blue.

    Sounds like Terry really wants to get on the right track for weight loss. I hope he continues on the road to success.

  7. A very patriotic swim suit indeed! I'm thinking the top half of that bikini looks a little bit bigger than a size 4 though!!

  8. Size 4 ?? I don't even wear a Size 4.


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