Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Specific

I'd like to live as a poor man with lots of money.bike1

I have hitch-itch really bad. Sometimes I  have more hitch than itch and other times more itch than hitch. However, with very poor planning Terry has had one appointment after another.  They sometimes are just close enough or far enough apart that they spoil each week for getting on the road.  We are still staying put and still mooch-docking.

Our calendar is not empty though.  We really do have some things in chalk on our calendar.  August should give us an opportunity to relieve that hitch itch some.  We'll be in Port Angeles for about a week but then have to hurry back towards Portland for another doctor's appointment.  Later in the month we have plans to spend about a week at Long Beach during their kite festival .

The other day I decided to borrow Sabrina’s bike.  The idea was good.  The outcome not so good.  The little town we are in is all downhill.  Or, is it all uphill?  I was going to ride the bike to the marina.  The problem with that is there is a huge bridge across the railroad tracks.  No way was I going to carry the bike up and over that bridge.  I thought there might be a break in the fence to get through.  Not so.  So, back I went.  That’s when I discovered it wasn’t really downhill at all.  It was up and up and up and up. It was straight up and I wasn’t riding the bike up.  I was dragging it up ... straight up ... well, kind of.  If you think I’m exaggerating, come visit.  You’ll realize there was no exaggeration to this at all.  This whole town sits on a hill.   I made it … no heart attack along the way but plenty of rest stops.

Blueberries are ripe and so are blackberries.  I’ve been picking both and freezing them.  They sure make good snacks.

More DNA Stuff -  Obesity Again
The other day I was on the topic about the discovery of a Fat Gene. We all knew there was such a gene. It just took science a much longer time to figure that one out. However, I was curious about my own DNA and if I had inherited that fat gene. I wanted someone to blame and I didn’t want that someone to be me. You all know I had my DNA analyzed by the folks at 23andme . They also analyze the chromosomes you inherited for certain traits and health purposes as well as for ancestry links. I had to check my fat gene out.

Nine specific markers in DNA had been targeted as “obesity” markers. Since I also had my brother and Terry analyzed there, I checked out their markers too. This is what I discovered and I wasn’t too happy about it.

I’m the only one out of the three who genetically does not have the higher odds of obesity!! Now that didn’t make me happy. It looks like any weight I gain is actually my fault and not that of any ancestor. Terry actually has the best genetic excuse and I have none! 

Lower BMI Tendency
Typical BMI Tendency
Higher BMI Tendency


I got an email from Justin this morning.  Homecoming is just around the corner ... only two months away.  He's getting excited about it and so are we.  Virginia here we come!  Washington here he comes!!

Now back to that hitch-itch thing.  Monday I also decided to do a little itching and you’ll hear about that on my next blog.

That’s it.  ‘Tis life on the road ….


  1. I wish we would have been able to be in Long Beach during their kite festival. I saw photos on the Internet. It looks awesome.

    I am certain I have that fat gene. I fight my weight every day...I mostly lose.

  2. I think you only have to look at my family and see we all have the fat gene. All of us!

  3. I have no idea about fat genes, but I know I eat too much:(

  4. I use to live in Long Beach and loved everything about it. I especially liked the Kite Festival and The End of the Road Rod Run.

  5. Man, I feel your pain about wanting something else to blame for weight gain. I just have bad eating patterns, I think.

    I enjoy checking out your life traffic feed to see where it thinks I am. Apparently I'm in St Paul today which sure is a surprise to me since it takes about a half hour to drive there from here.

  6. I know the fat gene runs in our family, I can control it somewhat, but eventually stabilize at the same weight all the time.

  7. I was so skinny as a kid and slim up until late 40s - then I think I swallowed the fat gene!!


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