Monday, July 15, 2013

Beautiful Summer Days

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow.  It empties today of its strength.

What have we been doing?  Not one heck of a lot that I can think of to post about.  However, here it comes anyway.

The weather has been gorgeous.  I love it this time of year when it’s warm during the day but not too warm.  There has been absolutely no rain and the sun is out most of the time.  With perfect squashtemperatures it’s hard not to just enjoy each day as they come.

Most of the cooking I’ve been doing has been on our little Weber … just like George.  However, he’s the pro.  I’m just getting into the swing of it this year.  We haven’t even turned the propane on in the motorhome as everything has been done on it including our vegetables and meat.  Some things I’ve tried I’ve loved and others not so much.  I recently did a country hash as posted on the Weber site.  It had a sweet potatoes, apple and butternut squash in the recipe.  It looked good but the thyme and sage I think detracted from the taste and didn’t enhance it.  I think I’ll try it again but add a little pineapple and different seasonings.  Either way I’ve sure been enjoying experimenting with our little Weber!

Friday was a fun day for me.  First of all I had my hair done.  It was cut and colored and foiled.  What a treat!  Now I had to buy a hat to keep the sun off!  No gray for me  ... at least not yet!  Heck, I look old enough now.  If I had gray hair, I'd look even older!!

Well, Macy’s was having a huge sale.  I needed a hat and my closets were nearly empty so I figured it was a place I needed to check out.  That I did. It doesn’t take long to drop a wad even in a big sale.  I want to add that I made a contribution to that store’s bottom line and the local economy.  It’s not that I bought an awful lot.  I only had one big bag.  It’s amazing what they can stuff in one plastic bag.

Saturday we sat around Tammi’s place while she had a garage sale.  It was a community garage sale and folks wandered in off and on all day long.  It was definitely a long day.  I was there just for support and didn’t do one heck of a lot.  Maybe that’s what made it longer but either way, it was a good day hanging out with family.  The only pictures I took were of items for sale.

Sunday was a very short trip on the water. We put the kayaks in on the Kalama River.  It’s a great place to kayak and there are many places with easy access. The water certainly isn’t very deep this time of year.  I would bet where we went on Sunday it didn’t get over two feet.  Now that’s a shallow river!  At a couple places Terry and I even drug bottom – not a good thing!

Jordan being towed by Brendan
I’m anxious to get back to the “cabin” to do a little sewing so am thinking that Tuesday might be the day for the little trip.  However, I’d also like to fire up that smoker again too which means we need to stock up on meat before we head up there.  The plants need watering and our wildlife friends would certainly like a tasty morsel treat.

Summer is fleeting.  Before we know it, fall will be here.  The forums are already starting to fill up with thoughts of winter travel.  Where to?  Where to and when?  That seems to be the big questions.

'Tis life on the road. 


  1. Tis life on the road...and what a great life it is!

    Macy's AND a sale! My kindda shopping! I totally relate to the hair cut! Although I haven't colored my hair in years! It does feel great to get a decent hair cut..

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Just think, if you hadn't lost all the weight, when you drug your bottom, you would have been hard aground. :cO

    Too bad these perfect days have to end, but then you can shop at Macy's in the winter, too! :c)

  3. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Sounds like you're doing just fine at enjoying them like you should.

  4. After having Carrie and Kelly here for a week then other house guests, I am ready to just chill for a few days.

    I am sure shopping was a ton of fun now that you have that 20 something figure.

  5. nice day for a ride on the river!! enjoy the warm weather!

  6. Next stop - Weber. That looks yummy. Love, love, love butternut squash.

  7. Gotta say I love the way you guys put SAFETY first - always wearing your life jackets.

  8. That sounds like a good vegetable mix to me; you can make your version of it for one of our potlucks. :)

    Yes, your hair color keeps you looking young. I, however, decided it wasn't worth doing anymore for me.

    Fun having to buy a new wardrobe. Wish I did.

    I hate having garage sales. It's even harder to do it in support of family although I have done so.

    We canoed on a river that go so shallow we had to get out and walk. Weird trip.

    Sounds to me like you are having a nearly perfect summer.

  9. Gotta love experimenting with our Weber too, sure beats cooking inside.
    Nice that you got out to enjoy your kayaks again too.

  10. The weather in these parts has been perfect lately for sure!

    George has opened up a whole new BBQ'ing experience for a lot of us, including me, with his Weber Q posts.

  11. I love your photos of kayaking - I can't wait to "get in the water."

    I'm feeling "ugh" since I've gained about five pounds. I did two things I knew I should never do - buy a whole half gallon of ice cream and two bags of potato chips. It's just like the commercial - can't just eat one.

    OK, I'm getting back on the wagon!


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