Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Fat Gene ?

The devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life.  Either we suffer in health or we suffer in soul or we get fat.

RecessiveDominantIs there such a thing as a Fat Gene?  Well, some researchers have said there definitely is.  We all want an excuse and this may be it … but then again, it may  not.  If there is a Fat Gene, that definitely explains why some folks can eat more and never gain an ounce while others put on many ounces for a little bit of food.
Well, you know I’m into chromosomes and genes and such! Now aren’t you glad I passed this excuse on to you?

Evidently the discovery of this gene has brought up some controversy.  However, I vote that there really is a Fat Gene.  What they say it does is let the person know that they are full.  I’m guessing some folks never feel full and the itty, bitty, skinny little folks always are full even when they hardly eat a _jul19_2bite.  So now the researchers have tied this Fat Gene to the Hunger Hormone.  Heck, I could have told them that!

Siblings don’t necessarily inherit the same traits.  I wonder what my brother and I inherited that was the same.  Was it natural good looks?

The Fat Gene may be little like this too.  You know how some folks gain all their fat on their rear-end and others in their stomach.  Some never gain an ounce anywhere else and then there are those who put it on nice and even ... just all over.  It’s hard to tell those folks even tip the BMI scale.

I wonder if there is a Wrinkle Gene.  I’m sure there is.  Have you noticed how some people hardly have a wrinkle regardless of their age and others start wrinkling at 40?  My son-in-law’s father is 89 years old and his face is as _jul19_1smooth as a baby’s face.  I’m wondering if Robert will look that good at 89.  I know it's not in my genes.

I received this sketch a couple days ago.  My first cousin, our family artist, sketched it of my great grandmother.  I wonder which of my genes she is responsible for?

Another discovery I made is that at my age the skin doesn’t shrink along with the fat.  Wrinkles seem to be a little bit more prominent.    Terry’s comment on this was that folks would have to decide whether they would rather be fat or ugly? That’s a big decision … think about it.  What would you rather be?

The good thing is that we have someone else to blame.  It’s not our fault regardless of what we weigh and what we look like.  We finally have a scapegoat and that scapegoat happens to be our ancestors.  I don’t know about you but reading that made my day.


Speaking of food I seem to have hit a plateau.  I can’t jar myself right now to go up a pound or down a full pound. I'm just going up a little and down a little and right back up.   I was hoping I’d be beyond this by now but I’m not.  The best way I figured to get around that was to go out to lunch.  That’s what we did with Jordan and Brendan for her birthday.  We took them to Applebee’s.  I had the most amazing salad there.  It was so good in fact that I plan on making my own version of it.  Imagine having a salad with greens and also fruit and nuts!!  Was it low calorie?  What do you think?  I'm saying probably not.

_jul19_5 _jul19_4

I’m going to have to talk to Brendan about sticking out his tongue when I take a picture.  Hmm.

 The important thing with Jordan's birthday as far as she is concerned is that she's legal!  She's waited for this day for 18 years.  I'm guessing bells and whistles went off and all kinds of miracles happen on your 18th birthday but it's been a while ago for me.  I can't remember.  I just know she thought it was a magic day.

One summer birthday down.  In another couple weeks it follows with Michael's.  Three days after that it's Lee's and six days after that it's Tammi's.  In September we celebrate three birthdays within five days.  What a busy birthday time this is.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You both have a super smile!

    Don't even get me started on wrinkles!

    What part of legal is she happy about. Now the hard work begins...lots more responsibility.

  2. I just know I have that fat gene and that hunger hormone. I must have at least five of each. What does it mean when you're fat and wrinkled. Double whammy. I always thought 21 was the magic age. Now I don't think any of them are magic. lol

  3. My Mom is one of her family that didn't inherit the fat gene. But I got her clear skin gene so I didn't have teenage acne. I guess I'll take the fat.

  4. My family all has the "fat" gene but not the "wrinkle" gene. I think too that if you have a plump face you don't wrinkle.

    Very interesting blog Jeri. Thank you.

  5. So if a person has the fat gene, I guess they are doomed to a lifetime of fat jeans! :cD

  6. I had to be twenty one to be legal but was able to get married at 18, go figure.
    The fat gene is n my family, I don't get hungry but when I eat I never feel full, Suzie just the opposite.

  7. Food for thought in this post!!

  8. Interesting MIL had beautiful skin at 95 years old...never washed her face with soap! I always thought that was her secret, but guess it was just in her genes after all. Those fat genes...that's a different story. Don't like them! We also read that fat cells are always hungry!

  9. Well, it's not really "fat" or "ugly." It's Fat or Wrinkly. I'd rather be wrinkly because getting rid of the fat makes me healthier. And honestly, aren't wrinkles more interesting than a big, fat face? (Sorry to all the people with big fat faces out there. I know, I know. I liked my face better before, too, but I'm healthier now, so I'm rationalizing.) :)

  10. I got the wrinkle gene from my Mom's side of the Family. That's my story and I'm sticking to it !! LOL


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