Friday, June 14, 2013

This Crazy Life

What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it.

It has definitely been a few days since I posted.  This morning I started going through the photos I had taken on my phone over those last few days.  My phone was full of photos.  Looking at them just made me realize how busy we had really been.  We’ve been busy, busy, busy but not too much different than what I had blogged about previously.

This buck is going to have a good sized rack this fall.  He's not aware of what a beauty he will be.  Deer are all out now and we've even seen a few of this year's babies.

I figured I had blogged enough about kayaking, dieting, DNA and genealogy.  However, those topics have been pretty much consuming our days.    So, I guess that’s what this will just have to be about too ….. sorry about that. 

These are my food shots.  Everyone does food shots so even though mine aren’t exciting, they are photos of recent dinner meals.

Salad and a little meat -- pretty good meal for me.
Another night and another dinner salad.  This time with egg, salmon and zero calorie dressing
The week started out with some pretty gorgeous weather.  By the time mid-week rolled around we were getting buckets of rain again.  However, it looks like the weatherman might be our friend again as the week should end with more gorgeous weather  -- not too hot, not too cold but with plenty of sunshine.  That’s one thing we like about this part of the country – the beautiful summer days rarely needing to turn on that air conditioner.  When others are complaining about the heat in July and August, we're enjoying the perfect days.

Nasty weather crossing the I205 into Portland.
Dumping water off of Tammi's awning.

Some of the back roads around here are just that – back roads. You never know what you will come across or what you will be behind.
A wet one lane bridge
Lots of logging trucks around

Our Jeep rack is almost finished.  We have two more side racks that will be ready next week.  Now we’re just trying to figure out how to make sure two kayaks can stay securely on top of it while going down the highway.  We have a little more work with the planning to do in that area.

_June14a_IMG_3846 _June14a_IMG_3850

_June14a_IMG_3798And, YES, we did do some more kayaking. On Saturday we were back at the lake with Tammi, Robert, Sandi and Mike.  They also introduced their two dogs to kayaking as you can see from the pictures.  Did the dogs like the kayaking??  Well, I’m not so sure about that.

 Mike with his dog -- life jackets for both!


Sandi with her dog and again both have their own life jackets.  No sharing here.

There’s no way that I’d attempt to take Duchess in a kayak with me.  We’d both be swimming for sure.

We had an early Father’s Day celebration last Sunday with Lee, Sabrina, Jordie and Brendan.  Off the barbecue came ribs for the meat eaters and halibut for the seafood eaters.  However, no pictures of those food items.  Next it was off to the lake so they could test the waters kayaking for the first time.  Since no one turned over a boat and no one got dunked, I’m guessing it turned out to be a pretty successful day.


Check out the neat little “cabin” below.  It is right at the water’s edge.  Someone put a little effort into putting it together.  It’s not water proof though.  It depends on the level of the water in the lake.  Sometimes it’s dry and sometimes you have to wade to get to it.

_June14a_IMG_3766I’ve been asked a couple times how long we’ll be around this area.  Well, as long as the kids have time for us, we’ll be here.  When they get bored with our company … it’s on the road again.  I’m sure most of you know how it goes.  My father always used to say when the food stops, it’s time to leave.  It’s the same thing with entertainment and we’re pretty busy now so I’m thinking we’ll be around here a while. However, I can also say that we are thinking through our winter plans and every time we think about them, they get changed.  It’s a Jell-O thing  --  wiggle, wiggle.

Tonight is graduation night.  _June14a_IMG_3811Jordie is graduating from high school and has one year of college under her belt to boot.  That’s three grandkids out of high school and only one left.  Sandi is the baby.  She graduates in two more years but she’s also starting college along with her high school this fall.  Our babies are growing up for sure!

‘Tis on the road again…. well, it will be sometime soon.


  1. You have been busy and thats what keeps ya going. Lots to do.
    We can be busy doing nothing but always something crops up.
    Gotta love this lifestyle.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful summer. What more could you ask for - great weather, great family, great kayaking and great food.

    1. Not really great food. I'm missing the big succulent steaks, loaded potatoes and all those other things that diets make you stop eating.

  3. To secure your kayaks, add a rope from the bumpers to each end of the kayak - most have a loop to tie the rope to the kayak. This will keep the air from lifting the kayak up as you drive.

    1. That certainly makes sense!! Thanks so much. We will do just that.

  4. At least you guys are busy doing something instead of nothing. Not that there's anything wrong with doing nothing. :)

  5. Looks like those kayaks are going to be keepers, you certainly have been getting lots of nautical miles in on them. I wish we could have some of that nice weather you have so much of, can you mail me some...pretty please! ;c)

    1. I'll send you the rain. We need all the nice weather that comes our way this time of year.

  6. I try real hard not to drive behind those logging trucks-they make me nervous.

  7. What a great week! A little of this and that! Beautiful shot of the buck...he's a handsome fellow! And the lake shots look like so much fun! Congrats on the grandkids...being a Gigi myself, I know how proud you must be!

  8. What's with all this 'diet' nonsense I've been reading about !! You're PERFECT just the way you are.

    Sure looks like you are having fun and thoroughly enjoying those kayaks. There's a beautiful Lake right where I am - secure those kayaks and come to CANADA to try them out. Would be great to see you guys.

    1. You're so nice! So, why don't you just pack up and come down and visit us!!

    2. Would LOVE to but can't due to the restricted amount of time Canadians are allowed in the States. And I want to use ALL that time during the COLD Winter months !!

  9. I love kayaking and carry mine in a specially made rack on top of my Toyota Dolphin. I like the "slow easy" rivers and lakes - no "crazy rapids" for me!

    1. I definitely prefer the slow easy stuff too. There's so much to see and enjoy along the shorelines. No craze rapids here either!

  10. I'm with Chuck. When we are in Livingston, TX, the logger trucks are every where. We have had to replace our windshield twice due to those darn trucks.

  11. Looks like you are having a great time! we just spent a month with family and leave on Tuesday. So, my diet starts Tuesday :)


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