Sunday, June 30, 2013

Some Days Are Just Harder Than Others

  The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.


That’s true.  Some days ARE just harder than others and Thursday was one of them.  It started off taking care of all the little mouths that come around here for a hand-out.  The three hummingbird feeders had to be cleaned and changed.  Next the squirrels were gathering around for their share.  Even a raccoon showed up.  Now he got shooed away.  Hopefully, no extra morsel for him.

Then, Mrs. Kitty, the feral cat who seems to have adopted us, brought her baby kittens to visit and get fed, of course.  We certainly enjoyed watching them running and playing.  However, I think she thinks she lives here now.  Oh oh._june27_10

Next Mrs. Deer brought her newborn twins to visit too.  They weren’t quite as playful as the kittens but they were there watching their mom get fed and trying to get fed too.  The babies are so cute.

Then, we forced ourselves to take the kayaks out on their maiden voyage.  Even though the day was a little cloudy, it was warm and the water was just like glass.  We had actually planned on going out much longer but had forgot to pick up an extra paddle for Sandi.  That meant we had to take turns.  Wait a minute … Terry and Sandi had to take turns.  I didn't want to take turns.  The new kayaks just glide through the water.  We're happy with our choice.

_june27_3 _june27_5

_june27_11 __27_2

Since we didn’t paddle as long as we had thought we would, we decided to swim a few laps in the community pool. We had the whole pool to ourselves and that’s just the way we like it. I did discover I need a new swimsuit.  I just bought it a couple months ago but it doesn’t fit anymore since I’ve shrunk a tad._june27_12

Back at the cabin we removed the beef and the pork from the smoker. It was done and it was done perfectly. What we didn’t need for dinner was put in the freezer for another day.

That was it. I bet you can tell that it really was another hard day but it’s just what we like.  If we didn’t endure, someone else would have to.

‘Tis a good life on the road.


  1. A nice day anyway. Too bad you need a new swimsuit, couldn't you just wrap it around yourself a couple of times? :cD

  2. PLEASE could you send me a suitable copy of the fawns by email so I can use it as my background picture. Love it!

    Kayaking on Nicola Lake is awesome!

  3. Hey wait a minute...... we got a picture of you in the kayak but no picture in the swimsuit. What's with that? :-)

  4. Love the pics of you guys on the water. The baby deers are really adorable.

  5. An excellent day on the road. :)

  6. Glad to hear your new kayaks are what you expected. I'd be happy just kayaking in your community swimming pool.

  7. That water looks so smooth and relaxing.

    Ignore Paul's comment...he is such a

  8. There is a great difference in Kayaks same as there is with canoes.
    Some just glide thru the water with no effort at all.
    Enjoy the water as much as you can.

  9. Congratulations on the new SMALLER size....way to go!

    Your day sounds perfect to me!


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