Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not Ready For the Rocking Chair Yet

The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask.

You know what we’ve been doing.  It’s a little bit of the same and no change in sight.

You know we did a kayak orientation on Saturday. Remember this?


You know we did another kayak adventure on Sunday. Remember this? ____June331[6]

You know Terry got a Father’s gift on Monday. Remember this?

But there are things you don’t know.

You didn’t know after Terry got a Father’s Day gift I decided I needed a Mother’s Day gift.  I know. I know.  Mother’s Day was long past and I’m sure we already allocated a bunch of gifts to that day.  We figured one more wouldn’t hurt.  So this is what I got.


I got all decked out in a color coordinated get-up.  Notice above …. red kayak, gold life jacket and red and gold swirled oar!

Check out this nifty little adjustment for the oar.  You can change the length and the angle!

Being color coordinated is very important. Regardless what you’re doing you’ve got to look classy.  Even when we were doing a lot of scuba diving, I believed in color coordinated outfits.  Here I am in pink and black.  Terry was coordinated in blue and black.


Tuesday we were back to the lake. This time we were trying out the new kayaks, oars and life jackets. 


Even though we didn’t wander far on Tuesday, we certainly enjoyed the flat lake and beautiful sunshine. It only made us much more determined to do more kayaking around the area.

However, we had a great big brick wall …. we needed to figure out that transport thing on the Jeep Wrangler. 

This is how we transported the two of them on the Jeep Liberty but we weren’t going very far.

The internet is a wonderful tool for researching and that’s what I did. The forums can give you all kinds of ideas. I found a creative fellow. He made his own. It started with using the top light rack as the front of the carrier. He added a rack through his hitch but see in the picture …. he was only carrying one kayak. We needed room for two.


We  weren’t sure the hitch attachment  would give us the stability we wanted so we looked at Craigslist.  We found a front light rack for sale and a fellow fairly close to us who specialized in Jeep accessories.  How lucky could we be?

We came up with a plan on how to have one made for us with steel side panels and a little welding here and there.  Next week the Jeep goes into the shop and we should have the carrier the following day.

As long as we were in the area, we also checked out Yale Lake.  This gorgeous place went on our list to return to with the kayaks one day in the very near future.


We’re definitely a couple of very busy old folks but we're not ready for those rocking chairs yet.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Kayaking sure is a lot of fun, good luck with your carrier

  2. I was wondering when you would get your own. Glad to see you didn't wait for your turn to use Terry's. That wouldn't have been any fun. Now you're a two boat family like us. lol

  3. Staying active is sure a great way to avoid feeling old and a premature rocking chair. Toys help too! Nice kayaks and money well spent on healthy living.

  4. You make me realize. I must make a new blog even though I don't have much to say.

  5. You'd wear the rockers right off a chair!

  6. You look like a professional in your spiffy outfit and matching kayak.

    Great picture of Terry in the water. The reflection is awesome.

  7. Those are beautiful lakes! So glad the carrier is a pretty easy fix...and that you are having a blast!

  8. Good for you. Make the most of every day and enjoy being out there on the water. Beautiful scenery.

  9. Now make sure to color coordinate that kayak rack with the Jeep... ;c)

    Bon Voyage!

  10. So glad you got into yaking. Those look like some great lakes to paddle around in. Can't wait for the day we can all go together.


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