Friday, June 7, 2013

Kudos to Me

Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie.


Remember the last time I reported in about the pounds I was no longer carrying around?  It was on May 15th and I compared it to the 11 pounds shown to the left of this.  I said I’d check in towards the end of June with an update so here it is even though it's a little early.

  < --------------

The reason it's early is because my goal for reporting back in has been reached!  Yippee!

Check this out! This is what I've lost now!

May31b21 May31b21

I’m at the 20 pound mark and am tickled that I am over halfway to my goal.  Yes, kudos to me!!  Well, when I decided to post this it was 20 pounds.  Hopefully, it's a tad more now and remember if you have found those pounds, I do not want them back.  I must say Mr. Will Power has been invited to each and every meal with me and actually I am quite tired of him.

A while back I sat down with myMay3111 sewing machine and took in 4 to 5 inches at the waistband of every pair of pants.  That was intended to be a temporary fix.  I had no plans buying new clothes quite yet.  Besides I had a few pairs of pants that had previously shrunk ... if know what I mean.   Another good thing is that I can also wear other clothes that I hadn’t been able to. Now they are all loose again.  Sounds to me like I might just be getting out that sewing machine one more time.  At least I can fix them so they stay up and staying up is a good thing!

August 1st was supposed to be my official shopping day.  Now I'm thinking it might just be a little earlier than planned.  I need to find a good tailor.    I have a few jackets that I'm hoping to still wear but need a really good one to make that possible.  Some things I don't mind throwing out but the better stuff I'll probably try to get "adjusted". 


I love dinner time.  It’s my favorite time of the day … obviously.  That’s when I get to pig out.  This was my meal the other night.  Not so bad, huh?  It may look like a lot but the whole meal was probably just under 200 calories!  There was a salad with a few cucumbers and a little tomato with one of Walden's no calorie dressings. I also threw on some green beans and asparagus. My partial chicken breast was off the grill.  

This is my report.  So, I’ll report in when I can add another 10 pounds to that picture above.

Yes … Kudos to me!  Obviously, this is all about me and I’m patting myself on the back …. err, I’m trying to.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Good for you. Wish I had that will power. Last spring I lost about 30 lbs but now I have gained back about 15. Hope to see you all next winter.
    Miss everyone.

  2. WOW...Congratulations. That is a huge amount of weight. I can't believe you need to lose that much. You didn't look like you needed to lose so much.

    Dinner looks delicious and very similar to what we eat. I hope those 20 pounds don't find their way to Ohio.

  3. The thing is while loosing pounds you might also have added more years to your life. Yes yes yes...kudos to YOU!

  4. It's hard to be humble when you're so good! Lose another 10 pounds and you'll be a mere wisp of a lass! ;c)

  5. Fantastic!!! You are really doing so great.

  6. Awesome! You should be quite proud of yourself! Just think of all the fun you are going to have when you go shopping!

  7. Kudos, kudos, kudos. I know how hard it is. I once added up all the weight I had lost in my life and it was well over 500 lbs. :)

  8. Congrats, that's quite an accomplishment.

  9. Kudos to you, indeed! Way to go, girl! Unfortunately, I am now holding steady--I need to give up that nightly buttered popcorn and movie to get things moving down again. :)


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