Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fishing, Kayaking, Woodcraft

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

Check this sturgeon out.  Our son, Lee, sent this picture to me.  It's one of his recent catches. Not too bad, huh?


 How's this for woodburning?  Well, it's not mine.  Tammi did it but I'm trying to learn!

 There are so many things to do to keep us busy.  It seems we have our fingers in a little bit of everything.  However, I’m not quite to the point that I would post any woodburning pieces I did.  I have a lot of bumps in my lines.  I'm sure it's another one of those "practice makes perfect things".

____June381Sunday rolled around and we experimented with ribs in the smoker.  I’m still practicing and trying to perfect with that too.  We all love the taste of smoked food.  It sure enhances the flavor of meat and makes it much more difficult to keep the portion I eat to 3 or 4 ounces.  It’s been tough since I'm still on that stupid diet.  

Not everything in the smoker turns out like I want it to.  Grilling food is very different than smoking food.  I wanted the ribs to be so tender they came off the bone.  Not so.    Oh well …. next time.  

Even the deer love the lake.

When the days are sunny it’s much more fun to be outside doing something.  Saturday had been such a fantastic kayak day that on Sunday Tammi was ready to try it again.  This time it was with the little kayaks they had bought.  We hadn’t intended to spend a long time on the lake but just enough time for her to decide whether or not they were too small and going back to the store for different ones.  We all took a turn.  Of course, I lucked out … I got two turns.  Sandi didn’t share at all.

____June351 ____June311

We had talked about kayaks for quite some time.  We know plenty of folks who have them.  Some have inflatables and some have the hard shells.  The inflatables are so much easier to haul around.  However, we’ve also heard that they aren’t quite as easy to keep on track.  We don’t know. The deal is we have a huge lake in our backyard (well, kind of our backyard).  The winds can come up on that lake and make the water pretty rough.  Would we ever go out if we knew rough weather was around the corner?  Never but we also know that lots of weather conditions can also surprise us.  We weren’t so sure about the stability of an inflatable on the lake. Now that’s not to say we may not get an inflatable for travel.  Who knows? 

____June331  ____June321

Terry was adamant that he wanted a small electric motor.  We even spent some time researching how to put a motor on a kayak.   However, after our great adventure on Saturday, he now doesn’t feel he needs the motor.  Yippee!!!   It’s easy, requires little effort and even I can do it!! ____June371

It was definitely another gorgeous day on the lake. 

Guess where we went Sunday afternoon?  We went to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  They were having a huge sale on kayaks.  If Terry’s going to be happy without a motor, I’m happy to help him find the perfect kayak.  I’m thinking there are more fun times on the water ahead of us. Happy Father's Day to him!

Terry is test driving here.
Bought and ready for transport.


We can transport a kayak or two in the Liberty.  We just haven’t figured out how we’re going to transport them in the Wrangler but I have faith that we will.

Duchess doesn’t know what to think about it!

‘Tis life on the road!


  1. Good for Terry too much fun on the water now.

  2. Terry is almost as spoiled as Jim. Great Father's Day present.

  3. What a great purchase....we are all about the outdoors and it's beauty and finding ways to enjoy it! Have fun!

  4. WOW...did you smoke that sturgeon?

    Congratulations on your new purchase. Now let's see some photos of you two in the water...I mean on the

  5. Should be lots of fun kayaking around Quartzsite! :cD

    Can't wait to see how you're going to carry them on the Wrangler. Another challenge that will be fun to see what great idea Terry will come up with.

    It's a tough job playing with grown up toys! ;c)

  6. I'm not much of a water person, but I think kayaking would be fun. Of course on a nice sunny day with clear, calm waters. Great Father's Day present, for sure!

  7. I knew you would. Have fun with them. Be careful.

  8. Congrats on the new Kayak. Hope Terry bought a good lifejacket too!

    That's some Sturgeon! Great looking ribs too!

  9. I just KNEW you would be buying one ! ha ha Have tons of fun !!

  10. Wow, I am not going to let John see the new Kayak, he will want to put me in the inflatable (probably with a nail in it) and get a hard one! hehehe


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