Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do Overs – Change Is Always In The Air

“How come I have too many things to do all the time...??”

Sometimes it’s really difficult to blog. I just don’t understand how folks can find things to blog each and every day when they aren’t on the road traveling.  I guess you have to make it a priority. I have no problem blogging daily when we’re going places.  We may be busy during the day then but when the evening rolls around we usually have time to  write about the day’s activities and I want to remember where we’ve been and when.

One piece of really good news I have to share is that Jordan received a soccer scholarship.  That’s not just good news.  That’s great news!


We haven’t been moving from place to place for a bit now and what we’re doing is what other folks do from the time we get up in the morning to eating our meals, watching time fly and finally call it a day when it’s time to fall into the sack at night.   I don’t want to blog about that. Have we been busy?  You bet’cha we have.  We’ve been adding finishing touches to quite a few things __june26_4plus we’ve been doing some do overs.

You know what “do overs” are.  They are the things you did to begin with and then you changed your mind and wished you had done it differently ... so you do.  Well, we’ve had plenty do overs in our life.  This time it’s mainly about kayaking.  Yep .. as you might expect.  We didn’t do it right the first time.

How would we know that every kayak isn’t the same?  How would we know that different kayaks are designed for different purposes?   Well, we didn’t.  Thus, we’ve had to revisit that first decision.  You know the one …. the one where we actually purchased them.  Now we’ve done do overs again.

Anyone want to buy a really stable kayak and one with fishing pole holders?  That’s right.  We don’t need it anymore.  We’ll eventually put this in Craigslist .. eventually.

The second time around I was going accumulate a few stats before we made another purchase. I do stats on spreadsheets for almost everything.  Microsoft Excel is perfect for all my charts, graphs and information gathering tasks.  We had narrowed our search down to IMG_3950two companies.  Our next kayak would be either a Wilderness or a Dagger.  Then, guess what?  Terry even found one of our top choices on Craigslist!  Actually, we found two identical ones on Craigslist but by the time we got to Portland only one was still available.  Shucks.  The one we found was so new in fact that it still had the tags on.  The savings?  Several hundred dollars.

Terry’s replacement


My replacement ended up being the same model as Terry’s except a different the color.  I drug my feet a lot more and weighed the differences before the decision.

Of course this meant more fixes to the Jeep, more hooks on the kayaks and so on.  Now that school is out Sandi has been staying with us.  Papa’s put her to work as the agility expert.  She’s been upside down in the kayaks helping install new rigging.  The good thing is she has relieved me from doing all that work!!  Thursday is the planned maiden voyage so everything has to be finished before then. 


Besides the do-overs, I’ve been swamped with emails and stats on my DNA stuff, Terry’s DNA stuff and both of my brothers’ DNA.  Chromosomes on new found relatives are also charted on Microsoft Excel.  What did we ever do without spreadsheets?  However am I going to find more time?  I have four more cousins who have submitted their DNA too.  


We’ll be back on the road --- well, kind of – on Monday.  We’re taking an R & R in the motorhome and I’m really looking forward to it.  We’re not going far but we’re going and the kayaks are going with us.  The plan is to fire up that smoker and start cooking some more meat to put in the refrigerator before we do.  We even bought a meat slicer to make sure it’s even sliced perfectly and easy to freeze.

We’re also thinking this winter will be all about being close to rivers, lakes or bays.  We definitely have some ideas in mind so may not go as far as we had originally thought we might.  Change is always in the air with us.

‘Tis life off the road.


  1. Blogging everyday for me is like a diary plus we have many relatives (parents, etc..) that check it everyday, just to see where we are and what we doing. And its something I enjoy.
    Good luck with the new Kayaks and have fun this winter.

  2. I'm with you, just cannot blog every day when we're just sitting. Your new kayaks look really neat. Roomier. Have fun on their maiden voyage. Always good to get the wheels moving even if not far.

  3. Change...that's a good thing. So many people I have known in my past at pre still stuck...they refuse to change anything! Life would be so boring without change. That's one reason we LOVE our RV home...crank it up and move on!

    Congratulations on Jordan's scholarship. I know you are so proud!

    Have a great time "on the road again"! Can't wait to see pictures of those new kayaks!

  4. we have been known to do a few 'do overs' in the hopes of making the right decision eventually!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to Jordan. Please tell her how proud we are of her. We have watched her grow up right through your blog.

    No way I would blog everyday. Sometimes we are too busy enjoying the good life to stop and blog.

  6. A day away. Good for you. We have our first full day off in 6 weeks and we are getting out of the park. Somewhere.

  7. Great news for Jordon, bet her parents are happy, happy, happy!

    Nothing wrong with do overs. New ground always takes some experimenting to get things just right. That's why my parents had another kid after me... :cO

  8. Congrats to Jordan on his soccer scholarship - well done.

    I'd be curious to hear why you had to do a kayak do-over. What was wrong with the first ones? What changed with the new ones?

    It's also a good blog suggestion, right?

  9. So exciting to have GREAT news like that. Congrats to Jordan!

    You guys have the BEST toys, those are really nice looking kayaks. I'm looking forward to hearing how they work out for you. :)

    PS - the photo of the buck in the garden with the flowers is beautiful!

  10. Oh My. You guys give new meaning to the word 'change' !! LOL But it's always fun stuff huh.

  11. Emerald Cove is on the Colorado River. :)


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