Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Kayaking We Will Go

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

___June111Saturday was the day.  The sunshine was out and it was gorgeous here.  Our trusty little weatherman is predicting at least another ten days of this.  There was no climbing the walls this day.  Terry was busy playing “security” in the morning and now is equipped with all the little sheriff things he needs to write tickets and harass the weekend neighbors.  The kids were mostly busy doing their things.  Sabrina and Jordan have a one weekend a month job filling gumball machines at numerous locations in Washington.  Well, normally Lee goes with them when he doesn’t have to work and when he doesn’t have an opportunity to fish.  This time he didn’t go.  He went fishing instead and had a very productive day pulling in kokanee.  Do you think he’ll offer to share?  He certainly will.


Tammi and Robert had a tree taken out on their new recreational "cabin” lot and Michael was in charge of removing the debris and tending the dogs.  The rest of us went Kayaking!!!  We had looked forward to this for several days.

After listening to instructions we were finally allowed to get in the kayaks.  We started in dry dock.

__June121 __June131

We had signed up for a kayaking orientation.  It started learning all about the kayak itself.  As you can tell from the pictures, it was very basic.  Thank goodness.   Of course, we had to talk about the “what ifs”.  The “what ifs” were about what to do if we rolled the kayak.  

We were real newbies.  Oh, we had been in kayaks before.  Once when we were in Kauai and once in the Caribbean.  However, in the Caribbean all we could do was roll it over.  It wasn’t fun but then at least the water was warm.  This time the water would be very, very cold if we rolled it so we listened very carefully to our guide.

Tammi and Robert were experienced in a canoe because they used to spend a lot of weekends on Lake Grapevine and areas around when we lived in Texas.  However, they discovered that a kayak is very different.

__June151 __June161

Finally, we were ready to put those kayaks in the water.  This was the real test would we like it?  What do you think?  Do the pictures speak for themselves?

__June171Obviously, it was an amazing day.  We loved it and were surprised at how easy it was.  Of course, we weren’t racing down any waterways either.  I think what I liked best was the relaxation.  It would be fun now to try it again but go along the shoreline watching for the wildlife.

We’re really glad we did the orientation first without just renting a kayak.  We learned a lot.  Our guide and his wife were fantastic people.  He had retired after 40 years as a park ranger.  They guide hikes and kayak tours in the area.

 Remember I had said that the water was very cold. Well, after our tour had ended, Sandi wanted to try to roll her kayak over and see if she could get back in it.  She managed that task and then she went swimming …… brrrrr.  There’s always one in every crowd. 

__June1141 __June181

Now we have a dilemma.  There is the cost, of course.  It’s not just the kayak.  Some are fairly cheap and some …. well, the sky is probably the limit.   It’s also everything that goes with it too.  If we were to get a kayak (or two), how would we carry it on a soft top Jeep without spending more for the top than for the kayaks?  How would that change our winter plans?  We have lots of things to think about.  We do know we had an amazing time and we certainly will be doing this again. 

__June1131 __June1111

As we were getting ready to leave, we saw an interesting kayak.  He was fishing with a hands-free__June1121 method of rowing.  He used his feet to move around the water.  No using oars for him.  I thought that was pretty cool. 

Here he is showing us what he pedals with.

Sunday …. Tammi is going to try her little kayak in the lake and I’m going to try pork ribs in the smoker.  Another great day hanging around the Pacific Northwest. 

(P.S. – notice how the attitude changes when the rain goes away!)

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. sunshine does make for happy 'campers'! good for you for trying something 'new'!
    hope the fish was yummy!!

  2. Be careful in those kayaks, be very careful. Zombies can swim! :cD

    Nice to see the sun shining (finally).

  3. I have obvious missed something. What do you mean...busy playing “security”? I don't get this.

    If we go to Florida this summer, we are going to try Kayaking. Neither of us has done it before. Where do you plan to do your Kayaking? What about during the winter months? Where will you stay so you can enjoy your new adventure?

  4. Nice that you had some better weather and got out on the water.

  5. Looks like fun. Lots of people kayak on the lake here.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it. There's not much you appear to not enjoy though. Except rain. :)

  7. That lake is gorgeous. I'm with you, I would be hugging the shore looking for all the wildlife too!
    You make kayaking look so easy!

  8. Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy!!!! And a perfect way to enjoy that sunshine. We haven't seen rain in so long I've forgotten what it is but may get some of later this week. Nothing like a day on the lake.

  9. It was a good idea to take the kayaking introduction course. I've always wondered about rolling over in a kayak - do you just get dumped out?

    Looked like fun for sure. Seems a lot of bloggers get the inflatable kayaks as there easier to transport.

  10. Great pictures of you guys having fun. You could have kayaking as your Summer hobby ? You gotta come to B.C. even for one weekend.


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