Monday, June 17, 2013

A Kayaking Fool

In every conceivable manner family is our link to the past and our bridge to the future.

_kayak_1It’s hard to believe that I just posted a blog Sunday morning and now I have several hundred more photos that have been taken on either my camera or my phone.  Just going through them takes forever and that isn’t even all.  They need to be sorted and edited.  I’m definitely overwhelmed with pictures to sort.  When you’re busy (I mean really, really busy) you just don’t have time to sort pictures.  Well, I guess I could just give up sleep.  Since I’ve already given up food, I’m not too keen on the idea of giving up sleep.

_kayak_3 _kayak_2

I mentioned on Sunday that we had planned a kayak outing for Father’s Day with Tammi, Robert, Mike and Sandi.  The plan was to have just ONE kayak outing.  We ended up visiting several different nice sites and we had to finally choose.  We couldn’t fit everything in one day. We discovered lots of nice places.  We also discovered a riverfront RV park  that is looking for a summer camp host.  Actually, that’s not quite right.  They are looking for a year-round camp host but would be more than willing to have one for just two or three months.  There’s not much work and a super site is offered in return.  Any interest?  

_kayak_4 _kayak_6

One place we stopped at was Elochoman Marina along the Columbia.  We debated about taking off from there. That route would have taken us next to a wild life refuge and some waterfalls.  We liked the area but decided to check out Skamakawa before we unloaded the kayaks.  Skamokawa is a very popular place for kayaks.  There are sloughs, rivers and a gorgeous sunny beach to enjoy in the area.  It was a perfect place to “waste” a few hours, kayak a bit and enjoy lunch.  That’s what we did.

_kayak_14 _kayak_8

That wasn’t the only place we went kayaking. After the 30 mile trek back into town we decided to try one more place. This time it was just Tammi, Robert and I. We went to the Upper Kalama River. It was an absolutely gorgeous spot. The only thing we did discover is that it is very, very difficult to go upstream over rapids … even if the rapids are very small. Yep, we learned that alright. Tammi had her little fishing pole with her. The water was clear and she was going to catch a fish …. or so she thought. She could see them swimming under her kayak but they just weren’t hungry enough to bite.


It was a fun day.  We spent lots of time on the water.  One of these days I’m going to get good at this… one of these days.

That was Sunday …… Monday wasn’t much different.  We had a few errands to run in the morning but the afternoon was clear.  It seems every place we drive from our little cabin is a long, long ways.  That’s the toll you pay for not being in the city.  We figure we fill up our gas tank at least every other day.  Ouch!!


About noon we showed up again with kayaks and a new location.  This time we decided to check out the Lower Kalama River and Lee was going with us.  The water was as crystal clear as the upper Kalama. It was a marvelous place to put the kayaks in and check out the river.  Just like the day before, we again discovered that rapids are difficult to go over unless going with the direction of the flow.  We got around these though and not by using our oars.  We beached the kayaks and walked around the rapids.  That worked for us!


It was another amazing day on the water.  I’m wondering how many calories I’ve burned over the last few days.  I can tell you one thing … it better be a lot because I can certainly feel it.

That’s it … it’s been busy and I’m thinking it’ll continue to be that way.  We already have plans filling in this week too.  Time to look at those pictures but I doubt I’m going to be doing much sorting tonight.


‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Such a wonderful couple days on the water, enjoying new vistas.

  2. Great header photo.

    Great pictures. You are definitely getting your money's worth out of those kayaks. Looks like a ton more memories to add to the brain bank.

  3. I was going to ask how sore you were - you have got to burning those calories up pretty good. But that's the way to do it - while having fun. Not in an exercise class.

  4. You are really paddling up a storm in those new kayaks - great photos!

    Just don't go paddling too close to any waterfalls, o.k.!

  5. I love kayaking, but don't like to do rapids. I've been in some pretty scary situations with my RV group and just don't like what they call "the thrill." Give me calm water and a slow-moving river any day!

  6. Such great pictures. I love the header and the last one of you. You look much much thinner.

    So does your bum get numb from sitting so long?

  7. Looks like a great time. It is amazing to me how much of my time is taken up with the photo management process:)

  8. I wonder if it is easier to portage a kayak than to portage a canoe? Never done a kayak. Looks like you are having great fun, though.

  9. ok I am officially jealous. You guys are yaking so much more than we are. We hope to get out tomorrow though. Looks like great places you are visiting.

  10. Great shot of you in the kayak.


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