Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Clothes Horse? Me?

Clothes make the man (or woman).  Naked people have little or no influence on society.

It was time.  Terry had been telling me it was time for a while now.  Over the last couple of months I’ve been making a tuck here and making a tuck there on clothes.  Then, instead of actually putting them away I put them in a tub because I knew I didn’t want to keep them but I also knew I might need to wear them over the next couple of months.  The option was to buy new clothes that fit.  I certainly didn’t want to do that until I was through with this “stupid” diet.  Speaking of diet …. I’m getting mighty tired of being on a diet.

Wednesday was the day. I was finally going to start a Goodwill pile.  Having just finished it I’m almost embarrassed to post how many articles of clothing made up that pile.  Why?  I have a friend (Linda) who posted a blog a while back about having less than 100 items in her motorhome?  Remember that article?  That was EVERYTHING.

Today’s toss is in the picture above.  There are 27 pairs of pants and 27 tops in that stack.  Now if the new clothes I eventually replace all of them with end up shrinking again, I'll still be glad I finally cleaned out the older ones.  I needed to do this a long, long time ago.

I didn’t throw away any vests and I didn’t throw away any jackets. I have plenty of those I like. Most were not so cheap so I might be able to have a few tailored. 

Will I tell you how many articles I have left?  Absolutely not.   The lucky thing is I did keep a few of the better items from pre-RV days so I am definitely not without. Next sort place … the motorhome but thank goodness I have very few items there.

With all the kayaking we’ve been doing, I have discovered something.  I no longer have all the padding I once had.  Thus, I desperately needed this:


‘Tis a lighter load on the road!


  1. I'm sorry I wrote that post. Minimalism is not a contest. It is about having the right things for you. I would no more ask you to reduce your clothes than I would ask Toni to reduce her cookware. I like your clothes--they suit you. Still 27 pairs? Do you really wear that many?

  2. Just think - you will be making someone very happy with that donation. Feels good to sort things out, doesn't it?

  3. Gawd! that's a lotta clothes. Clothes horse, nah, CLOTHES ELEPHANT.

  4. man, you are inspiring me to take off the weight i've put on in the last 3 months. Maybe.

  5. Well isn't this a wonderful post. You not only are helping yourself get in better shape, you are helping the less fortunate. Great job!

  6. Gee, I need to look through my closet and get rid of things. I've heard the "one year rule" - if you haven't worn it in a year it should go!

  7. Goodwill will love seeing you coming, their bottom line is certainly going to increase from the decrease in your bottom line... ;c)

    Great header picture of you and Terry kayaking. I see your kayak is multi colored, I guess you couldn't decide on one color? :cD

  8. 27 pairs of pants and tops !!!! I don't even want to know how many you DIDN'T give away.

    Absolutely AWESOME header pic of you guys. Love it !

  9. Looks like you been busy cleaning up there.

  10. I need to clean out my closet too. I still have suits I wore to work from 14 years ago and haven't worn since! That's really dumb, I know. I admire you for getting on it so soon.

  11. Good job! It is easier on the kids if you do the tossing before they have to sort through all your stuff! I could not believe how much clothes I donated! But, I am sorry to say that I still have clothes in the basement of the motorhome that I have not used in the year we have been full time. Really dumb.

  12. good job on the dieting and small price to pay with needing new clothes however. but you feel so much better.


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