Saturday, May 4, 2013

Traveling on the Kitsap Peninsula

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

The weatherman really went out on a limb in forecasting the next ten days of near perfect weather for southwestern Washington.  It just couldn’t get any better in our book.  Weekend temperatures were expected to hit the mid to upper 80’s.  The only problem was …. we were heading north towards Seattle.  Temperatures in Portland usually run a little warmer than Seattle.  Such was the prediction also for Saturday with Portland’s expected high of 82 and Seattle only reaching 75. Sunday was to be even warmer yet.  However, they both sounded good to us.    What more could we ask for?

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

We got an early start dropping Duchess off before 9:00 AM and freeway traffic was fairly light.  It was an easy zip up the I-5 freeway to our first stop at Fort Lewis.  When our windshield was replaced our front sticker had been damaged.  We needed a new one.  Then, of course,_silver_2 while there we had to wander through the aisles of the local commissary and exchange just in case something caught our eye.  Well, a few things did but nothing big.

Highway 3

Next we were off towards the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and on to Bremerton and the ferry dock there.  It’s a beautiful area and we love the Anthony’s Restaurant which sits right by the ferry dock.  We had hoped to post a picture of my most luscious lunch but …. alas, the picture ended up in the trash without any hope of retrieving it.  Instead you get a picture of what I had the day before for lunch and dinner.  

My brunch
Crockpot stuffed for stew

We arrived at Bremerton just in time to watch the ferry depart for Seattle. Again, it was a gorgeous site and I had a fantastic picture of it …. you’re just going to have to believe that I really did have a great picture.  After being on a stupid diet for almost two weeks, I was really looking forward_silver_7d to the ling cod at Anthony's.  I was not disappointed.  It was even better than I remembered it being.  Have you ever seen ling cod on a menu? It’s one seafood item you don’t find very often for sure.

Next stop was Silverdale.  This is where we had planned spending the night.  We had booked a water view room and weren’t disappointed with that either.  It was an awesome room with an awesome view but we didn’t hang around long.  It was just long enough to get checked in, unloaded and out the door again.


 We were off to Poulsbo to check out the “Little Norway” of the Kitsap Peninsula.  Many of pictures I took on my phone were deleted but at least I had a few on my camera.  We loved the town, the shops, the view and, of course, the marvelous weather we were experiencing.  It was named “Little Norway” by a Norwegian who settled in the town and thought it reminded him of his home country, Norway.  My uncle was from Norway.  He married my aunt and lived in Seattle.  I used to sit on his lap and he’d pronounce words and tell me stories of Norway.  One year we even celebrated Christmas with the family when they had lutefisk.  Ever have lutefisk?  I think it smells just as bad as it tastes but it’s a pretty popular Norwegian Dish.  (Am I right, Bea?)  


There is a lot to see and do around this area.  We had originally planned on driving over to Seabeck to check out the Eagle nesting areas.  However, we had to make some choices with what to do with our time.  There just weren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in.   

_silver_4 _silver_5

Friday evening ended watching the tide go out and then come back in again.  After a few walks on the beach it was time to call it a day.  Saturday we will be taking the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds for a memorial service.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Always on the go, you two.
    Too bad about your pictures.
    Brunch and dinner look yummy!

  2. Now that's what I call a full day.

  3. Busy little beavers. Makes a funeral outing better tho!

  4. I've never had ling cod, but I love most fish dishes, so I'd probably like it. If I ever see it on a menu, I'll give it a try. I'm glad you are having such wonderful weather! :)

  5. We have had beautiful weather since we arrived in Ohio...egads, did I just jinx us?

    Stew looks so yummy! I have no idea what ling cod is.

  6. Skip the lutefisk; go for the lefse.

  7. Of course my two piece windshield had to crack on the side with my base sticker on it. Since it needs renewal by 1 August, I'll wait a little longer before getting it fixed.

    Now I know ling is a fish and cod is a fish, so is a lingcod some kind of intermarriage thing?

  8. When I was a teenager, I'd go to church in Ruston on the right side of the street on the way down to the ferry. We love to eat at Anthony's on the waterfront, and take the ferry for a short trip to Vashon Island. I don't know if it's still there, but there use to be a nice little tea sho in Poulsbo where you could enjoy high tea.
    I agree with Linda. Skip the lutefisk, I can barely tolerate the lefse. But I really like the fruit soup!

  9. Nice little town, I want to go there some day. Poulsbo, I will write it down. I'm Norwegian too! Have you ever been to Duluth MN? Big Norwegian area too.

  10. Yeah.. L U T E F I S K is sooo Norwegian. Entire communities in the Midwest are raving over it - but not us. You gotta be born to Lutefisk to love it. We had a neighbor in Alberta who would gather his entire extended family at Christmas for the big Lutefisk meal. I think the city of Minot, ND is the North American hub for Lutefisk. Norway does export this stuff to North America by the container loads. I've been told its the way of preparing it that holds the secret. Too much water and too long cooking at it simply dissolves. Go figure.


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