Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Perfect Summer Place

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Just because we’re sitting still (kinda) during the summer months, doesn’t mean we’re really weathersitting still.  We’re snowbirders in that we head south in the winter and north in the summer.  When we head out for our winter paradise we usually know where we’re heading.  When we head north for our summer paradise it’s more of the same.  That’s how it works.  Sometimes we’re really busy and other times not so much. We’re really busy now but nothing blog worthy unless I want to write about all the diet food I’m eating, ounces I’m losing or work we’re doing.  Those aren’t fun topics.

Friday morning we do have something a little different on our calendar.  We’re heading to Edmonds which is north of Seattle.   That part of our weekend isn’t necessarily a fun one as we’re attending a memorial service for one of my cousins.  It should be a gorgeous sunny day and we’re wanting to turn the drive at least into an enjoyable one.  We hope to see a lot of nesting Eagles on the Kitsap Peninsula and we've even booked a nice room with a water view. 

Getting our special license plates replaced has been quite a hassle.  Remember .. they were stolen off our car in Idaho.  After about ten days we finally have all the additional paperwork submitted to South Dakota so we’re hoping the request for plates is finally back in the loop and they’ll be issued soon. 

Our front windshield on the Wrangler has finally been replaced.    Even though we have insurance with no deductible on the windshield, we put it off so long we were afraid to drive it anymore.  It was the _apr301inconvenience of going all the way in to Portland to get it fixed.

Do you know what these are?  That’s right they are hair clippers but not for me.  Terry goes way too long before he gets a haircut and then he has it all whacked off.  It’s way too short for me but, of course, it’s not my hair.  Last time he had his hair cut the barber left little nicks all through it.  This is my solution.  It makes him happy that he doesn’t have to look for a barber as often and it makes me happy that he’s not scalped.   Well, yesterday was the big day and I had my first hands-on lesson.  He was pretty brave to sit there and be my guinea pig but I think I did one HECK of a great job for my first time.

Another thing we did was head down to the storage yard and let the motor run in the RV for a bit.  We probably won’t be using it very much for a couple of months unless we decide to take off for the beach.  Other than that the only trip in the motorhome we have planned right now is one to Port Angeles in August.  Well, we do have a couple other trips planned but the motorhome won’t be needed for those.

Did you know that deer eat birdseed?  I’ve learned I can’t put birdseed out on our lot or we’ll have deer walking through.  We definitely prefer the deer on the perimeters and not walking through.  Why?  It’s because of what they leave behind.

I love the peace and quiet of where we are right now. There are so many tall trees, greenery, birds and deer.  Hardly no one is around but the kids are close.  I love it here.  However, summer is just around the corner and I know that this peaceful feeling will soon go away.  I think this is my favorite spot of all.  It is our perfect summer place.  However, we're still looking for that perfect winter hideaway.  I know it’s there … on the beach … someplace.  We just haven’t found it yet.

That’s all I know ….

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. What??? No picture of Terry's new haircut??

  2. We used to have hair clippers. I found them difficult. I have always cut Doug's hair but his is curly and forgiving. I cut my own this morning. Front looks good. I can't see the back.

  3. What kind of a barber was that? Terry should have got paid for that he endured such a torture!
    Keep the blade flat and don't angle it then you should be save. (That's what the dog groomer told me..:)) . I used to watch the hairdresser while I was waiting for my appointment. One used a comb in a right angle to the head and move the clippers along the comb cutting the hair sticking through. That way the blade didn't come too close to the scalp. And the short hair was falling in neat layers.
    Practise makes a master.....:))

    Deer eat birds seed? Didn't know that. I know bears do....

  4. If he doesn't want the stuff, Terry should just quit growing it.

  5. I would never under any circumstances cut Paul's hair. My mom was a super beautician, and I have not one of her "hair-cutting" genes. I can't even cut my own bangs.

    I is a perfect, gorgeous place!

  6. Marti has been cutting my hair for years. I even still have both my ears. :c)

    Just a suggestion, when you run your RV, run your generator under a little load, too. It'll love you for it.

    Do the deer like hummingbird feeders? Maybe we should send you ours because the hummingbirds sure don't like them. Hate to see them go to waste... ;c)

  7. Haircuts are an evil necessity but I'd rather go to a barber than let my wife have a go with a pair of scissors!! I'm just sayin.....

  8. Good for you cutting Terry's hair.
    I have been cutting my own hair for 20 years. With Suzie just trimming the back for me.
    I am on my third hair clipper, saves a lot of money and very convenient to do whenever I want.

  9. Those are some nice summer temps. Wish it would warm up here.


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