Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fancy Recreational Home Bases

Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.

Saturday started raining cats and dogs.  It rained hard.  Then, the sun came out a little bit and the rain went away for most of the day.  That was great news as far as we were catsdogsconsidered.

Tammi decided to get involved with the tree committee in our little recreational community.  Trees can’t be removed without being approved by the two members of this committee and then they have to be replaced by other trees. Saturday she had about eight requests to check out so I went with her.  Of course, I didn’t do much of the checking or any of the work … of course.  I went along for the ride and to see other lots.

It’s amazing the creativity that some people have.  It’s also amazMay2641ing at the size of some of them. Everything has to be built around a recreational vehicle because it’s recreational property.  The county is pretty strict on that and on the building permits issued.  As always the county has to be involved because they want to be sure we pay our tax bill to them and that want the bill to be as high as possible.  We know as we recently just paid our property taxes.   In our ride on Saturday I took a few pictures of some of the lots.  That’s what you see here.

DSC07127 May2671

Some of the places are pretty massive and gorgeous considering it’s “recreational”.  Of course, there are also some that are pretty junky.  I don’t think you can do away with those in any neighborhood.  The “recreational” portion of the attached RV cannot be over 40’.  There are several snowbirds who summer here.  Some of the motorhomes have attached rooms that can be easily opened and closed. Others have 5th wheels and trailers with attached buildings.  It’s fun to check out all the creativity that folks have come up with while staying within the guidelines and requirements of the county with their strict building permits.   I’ll get some pictures of those over the next few days.

May26151 May26141

There are some with big boat storage units and others who have used exterior siding on the travel trailer itself.  Obviously, the owners have no plans that these RVs will ever hit the road again.

May2691 May2681

Last but not least are the nice lots you can buy which sit right over the lake.  The views can be incredible because they not only have a view of the huge lake but also include a view of Mt. St. Helen's sitting on the other side. We looked at a couple.  However, for me the ones we looked at were quickly ruled out.  Some of the decks are built over the side of the hill.  I could hardly walk on the deck without a fear of falling.  There was no way I wanted to sleep there.  However, if you’re thinking these lake view lots are cheap, you’re wrong.  Some of the bare lots  push $100K.  However, there aren’t many (if any) bare lots left with lake views.May2611

After our official ride approving and disapproving trees that could be chopped down, Sandi and I decided to make our own little adventure.  We went out and took pictures.  The subject of the pictures was Sandi.  We took a ride to the waterfalls.  It’s just down the hill from us and we were lucky that the rain had passed for the day. 

Sandi cleans up pretty good too.  Her goal is to follow her cousin, Justin.  She's signing up for the Navy in their early entrance DEP program as soon as she turns 17 .. which is in February.  For the last couple years she has been reading everything Navy and studying everything Navy.  She is also excited about the opportunities it will give her.  Go Girl Go!



I also saw something on TV the other day.  It made me think how those with PDD could be slowed down so I snapped a picture of the screen.  There is certainly no speeding through the backlog at the VA for veterans.  (Sorry, Paul.)

This place has been packed over the holiday weekend.  People are everywhere.  Today is Sunday and tomorrow Memorial Day.  We’re taking off early this morning to get flowers and place them on the graves of a couple aunts and uncles.  In addition we’re also going to Portland this morning to put flowers on the graves of my parents.  This is something I do every Memorial Day.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Some of the pictures didn't load for me but what I did see were pretty nice. And we are going to get to see them in person. Yeah!

  2. Yes, you could say the VA has cured my PDD. We've been sitting here in SC now going into our sixth month, with no end in sight. :c(

    Looks like the Navy is going to get another top performer. We Coasties are going to miss out...again! ;c)

  3. Some great properties there for sure ! Seems like you are getting exactly the same weather and I am here in B.C. I'm SICK SICK SICK of the rain !! Ontario it will be for me next year !!

  4. Honestly, I think your setting is just as beautiful as any of those others. You two made a great choice.

    Cute photo of Sandi. I like the cowboy boots.

  5. Some people get pretty creative to work around the laws.
    then rain will stop out there someday right?

  6. My parents are both still living but I am grateful to have a step-sister who cares for other family graves.


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