Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Barbecue and Family Time

A smile happens in a flash but its memory can last for a lifetime.


Another beautiful day in paradise rolled in on Sunday.  We certainly decided to take advantage of it.  Almost nothing is better than gorgeous spring days in May with family.  To top it off we had a barbecue planned for the afternoon.  The kids and their families were all heading our way.  With them they were bringing all kinds of food.  It was good food and food that my diet allowed.


On Saturday Lee had been fishing on Lake Merwin.  He caught four beautiful kokanee.  This was to be the main food item for Sunday’s feast.  The good part about it is that not everyone in our family eats fish …. go figure that one out!  It was good because we didn’t get smaller pieces to accommodate everyone else’s plate.  We didn’t have to share as much!


Tammi provided the food for those who weren’t eating kokanee.  She cut up beef, green peppers, onions, potatoes and carrots. Then, the wrapped mixture was put on the barbecue along with the kokanee. 

Lee was in charge of the barbecue.  He is a perfectionist when it comes to barbecue.  He does the work and we do the eating.  It’s that kind of team work we like best.  This time we had Lee and Robert overseeing the cooking.


With wonderful company and great food, it was another amazing day for us.  Everyone entertained themselves either by just talking or playing “Magic”.  Tammi, Sabrina and I tossed around ideas for the August family reunion we’re in charge of.  We have decided on a “Texas” or “western” theme this year so have been going back and forth with how to decorate and what activities to include.  Thank goodness we have a few months ahead of us to work on this.  However, all ideas are certainly appreciated.

With all this great food we’re planning on getting a smoker.  We’ve gone from thinking an electric might be best to realizing that it has to be propane due to the electric setup we have at the “cabin”.  I can just taste the brisket, the smoked fish and ribs we could prepare.  Of course, we have no idea how to do any of it but can certainly learn.

Even Duchess found a comfortable spot.


Sandi got some sanding equipment and instruction from Terry.  I think she’s making a walking stick.


The day was over before we knew it.  Everyone was heading back to town …. well, everyone except us.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Love the little "McDonald's" table. Where did you get that?

    As you know I don't eat fish either so you can "fix" me brisket.

    1. It's a Taco Bell table. We bought a few of these many years ago when a Taco Bell in Texas was closing its doors.

  2. I'll take Toni's share of the fish. I love the idea of old cowboy boots filled with flowers as decorations.

    1. Actually that is one idea we were throwing around. However, been to the Goodwill and check the prices of their old tattered cowboy boots?? Eek!

  3. Memories, memories, these type of days!

  4. Replies
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    2. Kokanee is a landlocked sockeye salmon. It is so so good!

  5. Family get togethers for food and fun are always get memory makers.
    Another fun day!

  6. It's definitely BBQ time right now with this beautiful weather we're having. I cleaned up ours and got it going last night. No salmon though, just good old burgers!

  7. You could square dance. Or Texas two step?


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