Sunday, April 14, 2013

RV Placement and Compromised Card

"He who hath many friends hath none." 

I mentioned the other day that Tammi and Robert bought a recreational lot.  Usually with a recreational lot you either put a tent on it, have an RV brought in or build a cabin.  First, of course, there is always a lot of work to do.  If you’re going to do more than tent, you need a sewer, water and electricity.  Thank goodness for them those were already installed even though they weren’t necessarily working and of course, when repair people came out to fix the problems, they created lots of mud.


This is the mud that was created.


This is how they had to bring in their trailer.


This is Terry helping them.  

He really did a lot more including having to level the trailer.  That in itself was a big job since the ground wasn't close to being flat.


As you can tell, we haven’t just been putting in doors, building porches and placing block. Terry's been pretty busy at Tammi's lot doing lots of odd jobs over there.  Some gravel has been spread.  I got the fun job.  My job was to drive up and down on it a zillion times with my Jag 4x4.  We wanted to be sure Robert’s truck didn’t get stuck in it when they rolled in on Friday.   I wasn’t in the rain and I got to do the wheelies!

Then …. Friday I got a phone call while I was at the doctor with Terry.  It was from our bank.  There was no message .. nothing.  It was just enough to make me a little worried.  You know how that goes especially if you’re a worry-wart.  I called the bank back.  Evidently our bank card had been compromised ….. again!  It seems one of the little terminals I had swiped it in had information stolen or maybe it was just a glitch.  Visa doesn’t tell them the problem just that there visawas a problem.  The new cards had already been mailed.  So what if they mailed it the day before, it isn’t going to be where we’re at before the trip we’re taking in a few days.  So, it was off to a branch of our bank for a replacement card and plenty of cash because we all know not every place is going to honor a temporary visa.  Maybe it’ll just mean the American Express gets more usage than normal.  Aargh! 

We’ve been doing lots of other things.  One of those things was making my annual spring trip to the tulip gardens as part of the cheerleading squad for Sabrina and Jordie.   I love going not only to watch them but to see the spring flowers.  I especially love tulips and daffodils.   This fall I’m planting a bunch of daffodil bulbs because deer don’t eat daffodils.  However, the annual Tulip Trot and tulip festival will just have to wait until my next blog … as usual, time is getting away from me.  There’s another side to that too …. I accidentally deleted most of the gorgeous pictures taken with my phone at the Tulip Festival.  I have to borrow some.

* * * *

‘Tis life on the road


  1. Huh, temporary Visa. Lucky you, we don't have them in Canada.

    At first I read your title as "RV Replacement" whew!

  2. Credit cards are handy but they can be such a pain, too. Thankfully Visa caught the issue right away, even though the new cards won't be in hand when you need them.

    Nice work on the kid's new site, you'll enjoy having them close by, even if poor Terry is working over there more than at your place. It's the curse of being too handy! ;c)

  3. Them deer down there must be different than the one's here on the Island. These deer will eat the flowers off the tulips in a heartbeat. Use to really make my EX made.


  4. Hey we want a pic of Jeri doing wheelies.
    I got one of those bank card calls this winter, "Mr Painter did you buy someone in NYC a $750 airline flight to Jamaica?" Well heck no I didn't. I don't know anyone in NYC and if they're going to Jamaica on my nickel at least they could invite me along.

  5. That looks like a job getting that trailer in place, but all done now.
    Too bad about your Visa card again!

  6. Not again!! It is always such a nightmare trying to get those cards straightened out. I'm with Jim - where are the wheelie pictures?

  7. We have a Chase Mastercard that I use all the time, because we get points on it. I am always checking the account on line. Right after we were in New Orleans, I started seeing charges that weren't ours. Called and they cancelled the card and had a new one to us the next day via ups.

  8. Awesome header photo! I would have loved to be with you at the Festival. So sorry for all of us that you lost the photos.

  9. Great job on getting the trailer site cleared up and leveled - lots of hard work there.

    These Visa card scammers are becoming as big a problem as blog spammers.

    1. Oops, I'm trying to type with this bandage on my thumb, and keep goofing up and deleting my comment... :)

      Gorgeous lot! Love the trees and ferns, etc. It's going to be great when all the work is done.

      Sorry about your Visa. That can be such a pain!

  10. The Summer is going to fly by for you guys 'cause you are so busy.


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