Sunday, April 28, 2013

Long Beach Razor Clam Digging

If it jiggles, it’s fat.

There was a good minus tide over the weekend.  A minus tide usually means a great time to head to the beach and dig razor clams.  That’s what we did.  We headed towards the beach.  We crossed from Washington into Oregon and then Oregon back into Washington to get to Long Beach and where clam season was open.  Our route took was across the ever so popular Astoria Megler Bridge.  With all the traffic we figured just about everyone else was heading to the same place we were.

The bridge from a distance
Down, down the bridge after the main span

The only way to explain Saturday is to say …. Awesome!  


We weren’t the only ones heading to the beach.  Check out the traffic.  The cars going were those who had yet to start their clam digging adventure.  Those leaving were those who had already got their limit of clams. 

Once there it took a bit to get ready.  Boots went on and warm clothes.  Everyone got their own little net to put the clams in once they were dug.


Then, the fun began.  Clam guns are a necessity when digging for razor clams.

Check out the size of this one.  It was a monster! 

Yep!  I even got my limit!

Next, they needed to be rinsed and ready for transport away from the beach.

Jordie and Sandi were in charge of dumping the sand and bringing clean seawater back to keep the clams alive .. at least until they were ready to be cleaned.

I grew up clam digging with family. Sitting on the beach, clam digging and just visiting with each other was something we did often.   A very popular event was digging clams at minus tide on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.    With family came their shovels and buckets.  We did a heck of a lot of clam digging.  If the weather was decent, we’d even cook a few buckets right there on the beach and eat them right there.  

clamsDigging for steamers was effortless.  You put in a shovel and brought out quite a few with each shovel.  Of course, this was even before there were limits on how many you could have.  

Eating clams on the beach (I'm the strawberry blonde but I bet you can't tell in this photo plus I'm hidden by my dad's hand.)

Razor clams on the other hand take a little bit of work.  The limit today is ONLY 15 per person.

What a great day it was!  The time at the beach passed too soon.  Before we knew it, we were heading back inland.  I can hardly wait to go again.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful day, thanks for taking us along.

  2. Cool header!

    Those do look like monsters. Hope they were good eatin'.

  3. great day on the beach!!! hope the clams were delicious!

  4. Way fun! Thanks for cool you included the picture of your younger days with family!

  5. Hope you enjoyed those monsters. You could have my 15 if I was there.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it. To me it looks like too much work for something I wouldn't eat. :)

  7. Love your clam digging outfit, you're really styling!

    I see you are once again trying to make a serious dent in the ocean's creatures. ;c)

    Seeing the Astoria Bridge made me miss the area now that our son has moved from Astoria. We had some wonderful times with him and his family there.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement about the VA. It does get frustrating and it's helpful to know that sticking out the battle will be worth it.

  8. When we went to Long Beach (from Portland) we drove to Longview, and took Washington Highway 4 to Seaview, hung a left and went right into Long Beach. This has been a GREAT clamming season there.

  9. That looks like to much work for me, since I do not eat clams:)

  10. sure wished we new how to clam when we were in that area... love to eat them for sure...

  11. I've never been clam digging - I think I'd like it! How do you cook them?

    My family has a clam dip that we serve when we get together - made from scratch. It's a potato chip dip. (The chopped clams are canned - the rest is made up from other ingredients.) When we have a crowd, like holidays, we always have fresh onion dip and fresh clam dip. Usually I make them. UUUmmmm, good!

  12. Should have taken an up-close pic of the clams. Never seen one. Don;t like to eat clams or mussels. Fish is fine with me though, lobster too.

  13. Sure a lot of folks out there digging for 15 clams! It's kind of amazing to me that you can just dig anywhere in the sand and come up with a clam!

    1. :~) Actually, the clam "spits" and you see an indention in the sand. That's where you dig.


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