Tuesday, April 9, 2013

IN-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Red Robin

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him … the people who give you their food give you their heart.

Now you might say that Red Robin doesn’t fit in with this comparison.  Actually I don’t think you could say we are comparing apples to apples at all.  They are all different and the three of these definitely serve a different market.  However, after fellow blogger, Rick, tried the IN-N-Out hamburgers for the first time and felt Five Guys served a better product, we just had to try them.  banzai1Monday was the day.

Red Robin’s Banzai

First of all, Red Robin is a sit down restaurant and only a sit down restaurant.  Well, so is Five Guys.  IN-N-Out has a drive-thru.  Many times we have used the drive-thru and not gone inside.  Neither of the other two have a drive-thru so regardless of what one we liked best, there are definite times we’d still prefer to go to IN-N-Out and still prefer not to.

Terry and I both think Red Robin has the best burger around in the Banzai Burger.  We rate that hamburger #1.  However, the fries at Five Guys absolutely beat all the rest.  They are hand cut and the bunch you get is HUGE! 

There is a price difference.  Red Robin is the most expensive, Five Guys is next and then IN-N-_apr9a12Out.  If you’re basing it on price, IN-N-Out wins. 

Five Guys "to die for fries"

Five Guys has quite a list of condiments they’ll add to your hamburger from onions to spred to tomatoes.  You pick the ones you want.  That’s what we did.  Terry ordered the double meat cheese and I ordered the single cheeseburger.  At IN-N-Out I always order double spred.  I love their spred.  If Five Guys had the spred, they would have had a chance with me. 

Our opinion ---- 

His Rating My Rating
First Red Robin Red Robin
Second Five Guys IN-N-Out
Third IN-N-Out Five Guys

There you go.  It’s simply a matter of taste and opinion. 

Terry did think the hamburger itself at Five Guys was a little dry.  However, the sign did indicate their burgers are well done and juicy.  Personally, I think anything well done is overcooked.  We also have to remember that most fast food hamburgers are very, very thin and it’s hard to cook anything that thin medium rare.

_apr9a10 _apr9a11

Speaking of taste, did you know our genes determine how we taste?  I’m learning a lot about the role genes play in every part of our life and even in what foods we like and how they taste to us.  While some foods may taste bitter to your neighbor, you may not think the food is bitter at all.  A good example of this is broccoli.  I love it but maybe it has to do with my genetic 80% chance of not tasting the bitter flavor of broccoli.  Do you like broccoli or is it bitter to you?

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. For us, 1. In and out.
    2. Five Guys Him, loves them, me, way to many, greasy fries.
    3, Red Robin, to pricey for me, hubby jsut doesnt care for Red Robin period.

    We both like Broccoli.

  2. We have never been to Five Guys. Red Robin is too pricey. We would go with In-n-Out and it's one of the first things we want to do first when we get back to the states.

    I have a thing about home-made burgers. I find that I either have to buy the formed frozen burgers, or I have to form them myself and freeze them. Then cook them when they are still frozen.

    I do find broccoli bitter, Doug does too but sometimes it's the broccoli. When we grew our own, it was not bitter.

  3. Not an In-N-Out fan so it would be number three for us. I agree that Red Robin is just too expensive but in Billings, MT we don't have the other two and it sure beats McDonald's. So that would put 5 guys at the top for us. But after that hamburger we had in Superior - none of them beat that one. Broccoli is bitter to me. Jim likes it raw but not cooked.

  4. We did In-N-Out Burger for the first time in Tucson and it will be the last. We both got really (really) sick from them. We'll take Five guys as our top pick every day of the week (and their fries!). Red Robin has was too of their burger, we're not going to pay those prices.

    Of course my opinion is based on my thinking Brussels Sprouts are the tastiest vegetable around... ;c)

  5. We love broccoli. The only time it is bitter is if (1) you get broccoli that is old or (2) it's overcooked.

    Steamed broccoli cooked just right is yummy! Cook it just a little too long and yuck!

  6. We haven't tried Five Guys yet but plan to back in Ohio. We heard the food is excellent but one burger is enough for two. We may share the first time...that is if Paul is willing.

    I love broccoli! Anything broccoli is super!

    Do not like anything overcooked. I like med rare!

  7. My brother was astounded to learn I order my Red Robin burger with "some pink". He thinks that's risky behavior. I think if I'm going to eat a "no pink" burger I might as well eat a hockey puck. I was disappointed in my last In N Out burger so I'd put Red Robin as 1, 5 Guys as 2, and In N Out as 3.

    Sometimes I like broccoli and sometimes I don't. I like the broccoli salad with raisins in it.

  8. I swear we must have had an off day when we went to Five Guys. Everyone else loves it so we'll have to try again. We thought it was tasteless and overpriced and the fries were limp and soggy. Love Red Robin but too expensive and, while we don't have In N Outs here in Oregon, we eat them when we can find them.

  9. Looks like you've already "outed" me as a 5 Guys guy when it comes to burgers. I have to stay with 5 Guys as my favourite. I do like IN-n-Out but it has to be the double cheese as that equals 1 hamburger for me!

  10. well from those three pictures, Red Robin looks the best, have only been to RR but we may have to try In-N-Out and Five Guys just to compare!!

  11. Great comparison!!
    Paul's niece used to be a Director at Red Robin. When we visited her, we ate there every night. Why cook when she got a $250 a WEEK allowance to eat at Red Robin? She said one of their big deals is that you can ask for anything you want, even if it's not on the menu. We do like their food.

  12. I love In-N-Out Burgers and chocolate shakes, but don't eat out often. Never tried Red Robin or Five Guys.

    I took a sensory perception class that explained our taste buds are all arranged differently. I have a lot of sour buds, and not so many sweet ones, so I can't do sour things, but can eat a lot of sweets. They taught us how to drink a wine we didn't like, such as a too-dry wine for me, by how we arranged, folded, or flattened our tongues. That might all be genetic. We usually like to eat what we were served as kids, and maybe that's because our taste buds are the same as our parents. :)


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