Thursday, April 25, 2013

Changes: Ending a Lifestyle

(at least for a while)

The devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life.  Either we suffer in health or we suffer in soul or we get fat.

Have you ever wondered how long you can maintain the life as you know it?  As we go through our life we’ve had to change numerous times.   We’ve all had big changes to make and little ones too.  In the beginning we had to change as we grew up.  We changed school and we changed beforefriends.  We changed jobs and we changed acquaintances.  We moved from one neighborhood …. and finally to no neighborhood.  We’ve definitely had many lifestyle changes. Every lifestyle has contributed to who we are and what we are.

My “Before” Picture

Now it’s time to rethink another one.   We left those homes, those cities, those friends and those things we used to do.  We’ve met a whole new crowd of folks. We’ve met a crowd of folks who congregate over meals, post pictures of high calorie eats and dwell on the best restaurants around.   Sounds like the RVing crowd doesn’t it?  I afterhave to have someone to blame!

What the RV lifestyle has done to me ---

Even before one group meal is over another is being planned on the horizon. Needless to say, I’ve got a wide-range of clothing sizes hanging in my little closet.  I figure it’s time to stop …. yet, again.  You know how weight cycles go. If you lose 15 pounds, you’ll gain 20 and it goes on and on. The cycle seems to come and go every couple years.  Well, the cycle is back.and the only way for me to stick with it (at least for a while) is to announce it to the world.  I’m not happy about it and I certainly don’t like four-letter words (d-i-e-t) either.


Next I went shopping.  I bought the dreaded equipment.

I want to know every little ounce I go down and not just a full pound!!  This will do it!

Yep … it’s definitely time for a change.  This lifestyle of food and more food has got to end (again) and for a while. 

Anyone feel guilty out there for contributing?  Well, if not, you should.   It’s not going to be a fun summer for me since I’m going to be watching what goes in my mouth.  The only bright side I can think of is if I can stick with this and if everything goes as planned, I’ll get to have all new clothes.  You know how well I stick with plans.

Moving along to happier subjects --------------

1)  Our 16 year old granddaughter, Sandi, breezed through her college exams yesterday.  Whoppee ..
  when she graduates from high school in two years, she’ll also receive her Associates Degree.  Congrats to her!!   

Sandi just before her track meet Thursday night. ---

2)  Good clam tides are hitting the coast this weekend.  Guess where I’ll be ?? 

3)  More money going out at this end ….. two appointments were set up with our fantastic local mechanic to get the motorhome and the Wrangler serviced including the replacement of the windshield which now has a super big crack in it.  (Yes, even this is a happier subject than d-i-e-t.)

4)  Even though we just finished a car trip from Phoenix, we have another small outing on the horizon.  We had a trip planned last year to Terry's old stomping grounds, Hannibal, MO but had to cancel due to his father’s illness.  Well, we’re going to try again towards the end of May. 

That's it!!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We've been doing a lot more eating at home rather than going out but it sure isn't helping me with any weight loss. I know you'll do it now that you've made up your mind.

  2. Eating in moderation and more physical activities works really well.
    Good luck.

  3. Jeri you are right. It's best to stop weight before it's getting to be too much of a strain. Have you ever seen the Disney cartoon where Donald (or was it someone else?) steps on the scale and the scale talks back to him saying that groups are not allowed to step on it together? That would be a sure fire sign that you had too much food.

  4. Each year when we leave Mission, TX, we tell everyone...We have to go back to Houston and join Weight Watchers and AA.

    Pass on our congratulations to Sandi...what a brilliant young lady.

  5. I'm glad it's only an eating lifestyle you are changing because when I read your blog title I thought for a second it was going to be RVing and/or blogging!

    As for eating less, welcome to the club! Both Paulette and I are trying hard to watch what we eat for a few months now that we're back from 'binge city' (aka Palm Springs).

    My only purpose though is to lose what I gained so I can go back to Sherman's next year and have some more of their delicious Carrot Cake!

  6. Oh no, with this change there will be less of you to love!

    There should be a warning label on RVs about their use can contribute to CCC overloading... ;c)

    Congrats to Sandi, nothing like getting a jump on college.

  7. I wonder how many of us decide we should lose weight over the summer? It seems to be a popular pattern. I hope we both do very well at it.

  8. Don't think of it as a negative - think of changing your lifestyle because you deserve to be healthier, thinner and happier with the way you look. You deserve it, you're worth making this change. Seriously - it's like a mantra and I think it changes our brain when we talk to ourselves this way and makes it easier.

    Anyway you look at it - good for you! Good Luck!

  9. Yeah, back to Hannibal, and they say we can't go back. Enjoy the trip.

  10. Thanks, I never thought to blame the RV for my being fat. That all changes today:))

  11. Boy do I feel your pain. One of the few things I miss, being on the road full time, is having a gym to go to on a regular basis. I somehow never find the willpower to work with weights etc on my own. Hiking is great, and my favorite thing to do, but there are way too many places in this country that have no good hiking! Go figure! I have toyed with the idea of telling Paul I think we should slow down enough to at least temporarily join a local gym. Ugh.

  12. Good luck with your diet plan. That's one of the hardest things to do and I certainly am the worst ever at eating right. Fellowship, fun, and food...they just seem to go together!!

    Congratulations to Sandi. You must be very proud of your granddaughter.

  13. We have enforced exercise in this park. Walking up huge hills to find staff and campers etc. Working all day is not conducive to cooking big fancy meals. We'll see.

  14. I thought you were checking out of ft rvin', glad it was only a weight issue


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