Friday, March 8, 2013

Won Another Jackpot !

The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.
bingo1I'd like to able to post that blog title every day but I'm a realist and know that's not going to happen.  However, for now we must be really hot.  Thursday night was bingo night again.  After my big win on Tuesday there was no way we were going to miss this.  The clubhouse was full but not quite as packed as the other night.   We bought our bingo sheets and settled in for another evening of  fast-paced bingo.  This was serious business.  

We were here to win the big bucks …. again.    We weren’t disappointed   either.  I believe in sharing the glory so I let Terry win this time.   It wasn’t long until Terry was up on the table and yelling, “Bingo”!  Dreams of fortune crossed my mind.  We had hit it big again.  The money lady slowly counted out the $57 winnings in five’s and one’s.   Yep …. we were loaded down with cash once again.  There were so many things we could do with this.  It meant more fuel, better food, a shopping spree ….. or maybe even a trip.  Who knows what we’ll do but for right now it’s stashed away.

With this kind of luck why haven’t we won the million dollar lotteries?  Maybe the reason is we buy bingo cards but are too cheap to buy lottery tickets.  Perhaps, we need to re-think that decision. 

We have discovered staying at this RV park there is no need to buy many groceries.  Everything is here.  Breakfast is served every day with the price varying from about $1 to $2.49 a piece.  Of course, that depends on what day and what is on the menu.  There’s always a lunch special for under $3.00 available until 2 PM and “happy hour” with more specials start at 3 PM until about 6 PM.  The specials change daily. It’s hard to buy groceries for the price we’re paying for our meals here.

Normal driving position of this Jeep
_March82 - Copy
Just in case the Jeep turns over on the trail ... "Call 911" is easier to read.

The weather has been fantastic but it’s not going to last for long.  We have a storm heading this way.  With it we’ll get some rain and some wind but we’re not on the road right now so it’s not going to bother us much.  The storm may keep the weekenders away but doubt it’ll keep all the kids away since spring break starts in many places next week.

This is a mighty big park.  I’ve always said I didn’t like the big parks.  I eat my words more than I like. If the park isn’t big, you can’t have this many amenities.   However, this one is different than _March74the big parks you find around Mesa where several pack in well over a thousand rigs and those same rigs stay all winter long.  Everyone is spread out here and most are coming and going every couple of weeks.  Some are here for the season but most aren’t.  In snowbird parks you tend to have more "clicks" but that's mainly because people return year after year and get to know each other. They tend to already have their own little groups.  There absolutely is nothing wrong with this but it does make it a little harder to break into these groups or meet people if you're a newcomer.  In the membership parks or "transient" parks you don't see this quite so much. 

Also, in the larger parks you seem to see more differences in the RV’ers or snowbirds … whatever you want to call them.  They come from all walks of life.   I think there’s a place here for just about everyone.  It's that birds of a feather thing  …. but more on that later.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I daresay you have a winning streak! I wouldn't mind those low-cost breakfasts either. Sounds real nice.

  2. I'd love having low cost meals just a short walk away - sounds like a nice park. Congrats on the big win! :)

  3. Wa hoo. Can I rub you, for luck!

  4. Most of those breakfasts are rather carb heavy for me but I do like the Sunday morning one--I get two meals out of it for $5.17. :)

    I think this park must have a rule that new bingo players get to win once. I hope you prove me wrong by winning again. If so, I may even buy another dauber next time I'm there since I didn't buy a very good color.

    Your live traffic feed thinks I'm in Phoenix but I only made it as far as Quartzsite last night. Sure glad to be off the road today, though.

  5. Beautiful header photo!

    You two are such winners in more than just Bingo.

    Your park sounds like one Paul and I would really enjoy.

  6. I'll buy the lottery ticket if you'll supply the numbers, then we'll split 50/50. That way we both can increase our wealth... ;c)

  7. Is it possible you'll be settling in there to a career of full time bingo playing?

  8. If you win more than once a night at Bingo, you get thrown in the pool!!! Girlfriend you are hooked!! They also have Bingo at the casino across the river. Is Charlie still calling the bingo??

  9. Better buy that big lotto ticket you are on a winning streak.
    We too like our membership parks because we all move every couple weeks and can avoid those clicks that seem to crop up almost everywhere.

  10. HI...
    I'm finally reading a few blogs (just to remember life on the road and get be ready for pulling out in September!) Anyhow, I saw you mentioned Calico Ghost Ranch. We stayed there for a few nights. It was pretty nice. It was off season and very quiet, but we enjoyed it. From there we went up 349 to Lone Pine and loved it in Lone Pine! Take care and safe your lottery ticket soon!

  11. guys are on a the lotto or rub off the luck on our tickets...we will share!

    We are planning to stay there in a few weeks and we are so excited now...this place sounds just perfect for us! Really looking forward to getting there!

  12. Congrats on the big win... that's should buy you a few of those meals available at the park. Sounds like a good deal all the way around.


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