Saturday, March 9, 2013

We’ve Been Invaded !

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

I’m not saying the Martians have arrived or the enemy has landed.  The weekend is upon us and a whole new group of folks have pulled into this park that was once a very active but yet a laid back park.  We will soon see if it’s just the weekend folks or if spring break is the reason for many LondonBridge1_thumb[1]of the sites filling up.

London Bridge at Lake Havasu

The first indicator of the activity was the noise level on the river.  To begin with it sounded like a swarm helicopters or maybe a stream of motorcycles.  Those noises we were familiar with.  However, it’s the speed boats that race up the river and then down the river and then up the river and then down the river.  They start at dawn and continue way past sunset ... even up to 11:00 PM.  You get the picture I’m sure.  The young weekend crowd is here.

We’re in a really nice site just one row back from the river.  It’s a pull-thru super site.    Many folks in the back rows cut through these sites to get to the river. Our vehicle is parked across the back to deter this but our neighbor’s vehicle is parked parallel to his Class C in front.  Thus, his site is probably one of the most active walkways in the park.  Now if he knew all those people that cut through that would be one thing but it’s used by individuals, couples, families and obviously people he doesn’t even know. 

Hanging around the park on Saturday wasn’t what we had in mind.  We were heading to Lake Havasu.  We really didn’t have much in mind to do there.  It was just someplace to go and something to do.  One place we stopped was at the CRA RV park in town.  Fellow bloggers, Jerry and Kimberly, were at the park.  They were pretty busy relaxing in their recliners when we arrived.    It was yard sale day.  They had emptied their rig of all the items they no longer wanted and never used. The items were set up on their picnic table as they hoped to lure all the folks going by.  They caught Terry for sure.  He even made a purchase.

Needless to say, the weatherman was wrong again.  It was supposed to be a nice sunny day.  The clouds started rolling in and the winds started picking up.  It wasn’t a bad day.  It just wasn’t what the weatherman had said it would be.   I suppose I should say we weren’t surprised.  That happens often.

Daylight savings time starts on Sunday.  Residents of Arizona don't have to worry about moving their clocks forward each spring.  It's one of the few states where the time doesn't change.  With the time change though we won't have to change our clocks as we move across California.  We'll also be on the same time now as the rest of our family. 

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Yep March break, lots young people, more activity. Our peaceful winter is slipping away. I remember the days when that was us.

  2. Thank goodness the Elks in Houston only has 10 spots. We won't have to worry about all the spring breakers coming in.

  3. I was at Havasu for a couple of months a couple years back and it's a weekly event as the weekend warriors descend on the town and play hard for a couple of days and then they are gone until the next Friday.

  4. It will probably be a wild week for sure. Hopefully it won't make it too miserable for you and you will find some peace and quiet!

  5. Those folks traipsing thru other peoples sites need a lesson in RV etiquette I think.

    Looks like we all may be in for some nice, hot weather for a bit - let's hope so.

  6. Daylight Savings Time makes us happy. We just changed at the beginning of the month and frankly I wish they'd just leave it alone.

  7. We were there once during spring break. It was a crazy time watching those young adults damage their livers and the police trying to control them on the river:)

  8. Daylight Savings Time...Ugh! Wish the other 49 states would follow Arizona's example.

    Of course, losing that hour doesn't seem to slow down the Spring Breakers, they just never go to bed anyway... :cO

  9. Hmmm. I hadn't though about Spring Break. Maybe I should make a reservation before I come back?

  10. Hawaii doesn't have Daylight Savings Time either.

  11. So what time is it really !!?? LOL


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