Sunday, March 3, 2013

We Made It West of Phoenix – Finally

Sometimes I get in trouble when the thoughts in my head get bored and take a walk out of my mouth.

Saturday morning started like many other mornings … slow.  Then, we had a brainstorm. _March33Sometimes we have really great ideas.  This time we had a thought of someone who just might just be able to trouble shoot our problem with the signal lights on the motorhome.  Was it a long shot?  Maybe. 

We still had the appointment on Monday but trying to get it fixed before then was certainly appealing especially since we knew the folks we were taking the motorhome to on Monday would be really expensive.  Our little money tree had certainly had enough fruit picked off of it recently.

Remember where we went to get all our work down on the Jeep …. wiring .. brake set-up .. hitch .. dents .. pin striping ..lights  …. ?  R.G. and Sons is in Apache Junction.  They put in so many extra hours on our rigs in the past and always did a great job.  We thought they just might be able to work us in and even fix the problem over the weekend. 

After getting the OK from John, we were there along with the motorhome and the Jeep.  Most of his crew only worked until noon that day but John stuck with it all day.  By 5:00 we were all put back together.  He fixed the lights and even wanted to tweak all the wiring underneath with a new _March32harness and even stabilize our bike rack.  It’s very rare you find someone who will do this much work for you.  He’s fantastic!  His fee?  Well, he wanted $50.  Needless to say, we gave a pretty big tip!

Pulling down the street we now had another dilemma.  We had already paid for Saturday night at the American Legion.  Should we go back there or start our trek north?  We decided it was time to “get out of Dodge” and  headed west through Phoenix.  The freeways were packed but we made it to the other side of town and the local Wal-Mart in Avondale.  At least we were on the other side of town. 

It sure feels good to be on the road again.  Next stop ….. California.

Ever have work down on your vehicle before where they wanted your credit card before they gave you the final bill ?  Aamco couldn’t print the bill because their printer was out of ink.  Obviously, I wanted to see the bill before I’d pay it.  Nothing else had been as I had been told so I wasn’t afraid the bill would be the same. Tony played with the figures a bit on his computer then invited me to take a look.  He had a credit adjustment on the bottom of the bill which brought it down close to what was expected.  Wonder if that’s what he played with before I could look at it?  Hmm.  

The bill was to be emailed later in the day.  I haven’t seen it yet. They did a good job but definitely wasn’t happy with the office staff.  There were just too many different _March31stories.  It’s one of those places we wouldn’t return to.  The good thing is that it’s an Aamco and if I don’t get the email, I can probably visit another Aamco for satisfaction.  That’s how it works at these national companies.  Right?

Duchess had no problem waiting for repairs to be done.

One thing I can tell you is that Avondale Wal-mart sure is busy all the time!  It was busy when we arrived.  It was busy during the night and this morning the parking lot is full.  They can’t have that many employees.  Can they?

We’re out of here soon and looking forward to finding a place with full hookups.  We have almost forgot what full hookups are.  It’s been two months since we’ve had them. 

Today’s the day.  It’s my brother’s birthday and our 44th anniversary.  Happy Birthday to him and Happy Anniversary to us.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Happy Anniversary, that is a great accomplishment for sure. Safe travels to California and I hope things turn around for the better!

  2. Yea...glad you got on the road for your anniversary. Now you can go into Walmart, visit the McDonald's and have yourself a delicious anniversary meal. Enjoy...happy anniversary.

  3. On the road again, you must have been chomping at the bit. Happy and safe travels to you.

  4. Happy anniversary. If I'd read this sooner I would have wished it in person. Good to see you today.

  5. Certainly some ups and downs but that $50 labor done good picking a great service location.

    Now enjoy those full hook ups and those nice long showers. Tis keeping clean on the road. ;c)

  6. Happy Anniversary, enjoy the full hookups!

  7. "the local Wal-Mart in Avondale" - LOL - I spent far too much time at that particular Walmart ! Even got some extra 'pin striping' on the rig from there.

    What do you need full hook-ups for now that you have all that solar ??

  8. Belated Happy Anniversary. (I'm behind in reading blogs.)


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