Monday, March 11, 2013

There Really Are Wild Burros !!

What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters to what lies within us.


Up and down the highway outside the RV park signs are visible warning drivers to slow down due to the possibility of burrows being on the highway.  We had never seen the burros.  What we had seen were a few piles here and a few piles there.   

Well, we hadn’t seen them until Saturday on our trip back from Lake Havasu.  We took the short cut across the Parker Dam on our return trip.  Traveling across the dam saves quite a few miles and also keeps you off the main roads.  The road across the dam gives an amazing view of the water below. This dam is the deepest dam in the world as it is 320 feet high but  235 feet is below the riverbed.

Because we were traveling this route we did get to finally see the burros for the first time.  There were lots of them.  We saw them on the hills.  We saw them in groups in different places along the roadway.  Perhaps, they had been down to the river for water and our timing was just perfect.  The burros certainly weren’t afraid of the cars.  They watched us as much as we watched them.

IMG_2492 IMG_2486

You can sure tell that spring is just around the corner.  Springtime usually means lots of beautiful March9_2flowers.  Even the cactus start blooming.  The desert actually comes alive with a little bit of rain and lots of sunshine.  We noticed this when we were around Lake Havasu on Saturday.  There was color in many places.  The little wild flowers are starting to cover the ground.  We saw purple, yellow and orange flowers coloring the landscape  Spring is definitely starting to show it’s colors.

Saturday night was steak night at the park.  You really never know what to expect when you have steak cooked for a large group.  The clubhouse wasn’t totally full but it certainly had drawn quite a crowd.  We didn’t miss it and figured if we didn’t like the steak, Duchess certainly would.  Well, much to her dismay we loved the steaks.

They really do a good job with the food around here.  We still aren’t buying groceries.  No need to at the prices they charge.  Sunday morning is their champagne breakfast.  It’ll be interesting to check that out too.  Then, we’ll come full circle …. a whole week in the same park.  It’ll be interesting to see if the menu changes or if they repeat.  It’s not that we care.  We certainly have some favorites for sure.

We’ve complained when it’s been too cold this winter.  We’ve complained about the rain and we’ve complained about the wind.  Well, I just checked the weather out.  You know the weatherman never lies.  Temperatures are going to start hovering in the mid 90’s this week!  Are we going to be out enjoying it or start complaining?  Either way that air conditioning will probably get a good work out.

How do you think the owner of the UTV in the picture below gets the vehicle in that position --- nose down ??


Next on our activity list is Quartzsite.  We’re going to take a drive down there and check it out again.  It’ll be interesting to compare the activity in that little town to what it was a little over a month ago.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Love the burros - as long as they aren't braying outside the rig at night. That steak must have been good because I know you like great steaks.

  2. Are you sure those were burros and not a bunch of Democrats meeting? (Good thing it wasn't Republicans...).

    Never seen a UTV carried like that. Maybe he drives it off the roof of the motorhome to get it into that position. Can't be good for it, I'd think the engine oil would drain out of the pan into the cylinders and cause problems.

    Have fun in Q, the JAGEEP surely will get a work out. :c)

  3. Love seeing the wild Burro in that area. Have you ever been to Oatman where they come into town and wander the streets. Even saw a couple last year there, just wandering around the crowd watch a gun fight in Oatman.
    Quartzsite is pretty quiet now in March.

  4. Those burros are so dang cute!

    I love the desert this tie of year. I remember last year when we went to spring training. I just couldn't get enough of the desert in bloom. Awesome.

  5. Ahhh, you got burros close up! So can non-members come to Emerald Cove?

  6. You saw the burros! I still haven't seen the burros. Well, in Oatman but that doesn't count; anyone can see burros in Oatman.

    The menu repeats. Next time I'll try the steak now that I know you liked it. :)

    It looks to me like they drove the UTV off the roof of the bus to get it that way.

    Quartzsite is comparatively empty. Restaurant service is still slow because most of the servers are gone.

  7. Time to change to complaint focus from winter mode to summer mode. It happens around here every year.

  8. Someday I would love to see those burros. I've read about them on several blogs and they fascinate me.

  9. You can also see wild burros in Custer State Park, South Dakota. They will stick their faces in your window if you open it.

  10. I wish now we had driven over the Parker Dam way so we could have seen those Burros, that would have been fun. Next time for sure.

  11. Isn't that Dam awesome !! HOly Crap on that UTV. Nope, surely cannot be good for the engine parts.

    Gorgeous pics.


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