Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shall We Make a Run For It?

The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.

We made a quick trip to Quartzsite on Sunday.  We figured it would look pretty dead after all the January crowds left.  We were right too. 

There were some motorhomes and RVs still for sale on some of the dealer lots but not very March12_2many.  Many of the lots were vacant or at least nearly vacant.  Most of the RV lots in town looked deserted.  However, there were still a few still hanging on to their winter visitors.  The Plomosa Road boondocking area was nearly deserted but just down the road at Hi Jolly the boondockers were still there.

La Mesa RV  … gone! 

A few die hard vendors were still hanging around for those last of the season purchases.  Most had already closed up shop or were getting close to shutting down.  The streets were pretty empty.  It was amazing how easy it was to get across the roads and no problem at all finding a parking spot.

We stopped at Silly Al’s Pizza and grabbed one of their Bruschetta pizzas to go.  They put out an amazing Bruschetta pizza and there was no way we were going to leave town without one.  That’s definitely it for this season in Quartzsite.  

Perhaps, we’ll visit again in the fall  … but who knows what the fall will bring.

Empty roads

 On Monday we could tell some of the weekend crowd had headed out.  Not as many speed boats are racing up and down the river.  However, we’re still thinking it’s spring break time. Both of the pools are packed.  It’s so different than just a few days ago.  It is definitely the season for spring break and all schools don’t celebrate theirs at the same time.  I’m guessing from now until about the second week in April all the parks along the river will probably be one mighty busy place.


We also decided to run the Jeep through the car wash in Parker.  You certainly don’t want to wash your vehicle around here without using filtered water or you’ll end up with white water spots all over it.    Woody’s car wash in Parker has an aisle for washing motorhomes.  They’ll tell you they filter their water but do they?  We’re glad we washed the Jeep first as we ended up with white spots all over the paint and the windows.  We figured it was probably not a good idea to drive the motorhome to that car wash before we left the area as we had previously planned.  We had enough trouble just getting the white spots off the Jeep.  We’re glad we checked it out first for sure!

It was just a short time ago we were complaining about the weather. The weather was much cooler than we wanted so we complained. We were having a lot of cool weather and more wind and rain than we wanted. Well, the weather has definitely turned. Matter of fact, this week is going to bring ath totally different reason to complain. Depending on what weather site you’re looking at the temperatures are forecast to be creeping into the mid-90’s and even closer to 100 by Thursday. We could run for it since we’re due to move out soon anyway or we could just stay put and move during the middle of that heat. With us …. only time will tell.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Just love Silly Al's Pizza so good!
    Its a good thing you checked out the car wash first. I did that in Bullhead City one time and had a heck of a job getting the spots off the car.

  2. What a hoot to see those empty streets. We missed the Bruschetta pizzas when we were there. Sounds very yummy!

    Enjoy that beautiful weather!

  3. Strange to see QZ so quiet. I've only been there during the Madness!

    We're enjoying the 90+ degree weather here in Palm Springs and I'm not going to complain about it one bit!

  4. I love the angry sun! I might have to steal it.

  5. I love the warm weather but I'm hoping this heatwave doesn't last too long. It is only March.

  6. Too bad you can't bottle that heat and save it for a cold, rainy day.

    Great Q pictures, so that's what the road looks like. Couldn't see it because of all the cars in January.

    Doesn't matter what you do or where you go, we'll be following along! :c)

  7. How long you figure you'll be in Parker ? I figure I'll be on the road Monday (March 18th) at the very latest and will be driving through there.


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