Monday, March 18, 2013

Monterey and the Pacific Ocean

My husband and I were yearning for the pitter patter of little feet so we got a dog - it's cheaper and you get more feet.

We had arrived at Paso Robles about 1:00 Saturday.  Our timing was good and Tehachapi and the deserts were behind us.  We had considered making a trip to the Hearst Castle from there but didn’t.  We had considered doing that on the way south last October but didn’t do it then March17_3either.  So, that place is still on our bucket list but not really very high up.  I’ve heard it’s fantastic so …. sometime  .. maybe.

Ever changing scenery!

The scenery continues to change.  After desert living for the last few months, it sure is nice to see all this greenery and tall, tall trees.  Driving From Paso Robles north on Sunday morning was a snap.  We felt like we were traveling through a garden.  Grapes seemed to be the main crop when we first started out in the morning.  It was definitely wine country with many rolling hills with rows and March17_10rows of grape vines.  The farther north we traveled the more the crops changed.  We felt we were in a salad bowl.  There were no mountains to cross, traffic was light and the roads were good.  Total mileage was about 84 miles …. not bad, right?

Golf Course View from our front window

We hadn’t really intended to stop at the Salinas Elks but we did.  The Elks is right off the freeway and we have been here before.  It’s really in a convenient location and you could say we’re living on a golf course now as the view from our front window is just that  --  a golf course!

Admin at Naval Postgraduate School

After getting settled we drove the 20 miles to Monterey.  We LOVE Monterey.  One place we wanted to check out was the Naval Postgraduate School.  What a beautiful campus!  The grounds were lush and it sits in a perfect location …. just a short distance from the Pacific Ocean and gorgeous sand beaches.

Next stop was the wharf area and Cannery Row.  We seem to forget that when we visit these touristy towns we should do it during the week and not on the weekends.  The place was packed.  Every place around was packed.  Finding a parking spot was difficult and we weren’t about to park in any of the lots since the flat rate was $20 a day.  That’s the same rate many RV parks charge to stay overnight, plug into electricity, fill up the tanks with water and dump!!  All we wanted was a spot for an hour or so.  We had no intention of homesteading.

Are sardines really that popular?  We don't eat them.  Can't imagine a whole restaurant named after sardines!  We didn't visit.

So our travel on Sunday was less than 200  miles, we arrived before 2:00 and we’ll stay at least two days.  And, to think …. some of you thought we couldn’t do it.


We don’t know how long we’ll be here.  Monday we’re off for a little day trip to Santa Cruz.  We haven’t been there in years and years and years.

Time to tear down some buildings!
Do you think everything is covered?

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Groovy header!
    So much green. Spring has sprung.
    Hahaha...comparing a parking spot to an RV spot, but it is true very true.

  2. Monterey is a certainly beautiful. We just got back from visiting friends in the Santa Cruz area. If you want to see some sea otters up close, go to Moss Landing and take the Jetty Road. Great views.

  3. Be sure to drive along the ocean in Pacific Grove and check out the cute town. There's a walk all along the ocean and we always saw otters cracking shells on the rock on their chest.

  4. I agree with Marsha, beautiful header! One of your best. Like a postcard but better.

  5. Believe it or not, Jim had sardines for lunch the other day. He loves them. I think they are just yucky. Looks like sunshine is in your future instead of fog.

  6. I suspect that restaurant is in a building where they used to can sardines. I don't eat sardines either. I don't like fish that look or taste like fish. I like halibut which a waiter once told me is the fish for people who like steak. :)

  7. Thanks for the tour today.
    We both love sardines, I checked their menu and they only have one appetizer on the menu with sardines.
    Lots of other great dishes, but find it kinda pricey.

  8. Monterey is definitely one of our favourite spots on the west coast and we'll be stopping there for sure on the way home. It was great seeing your photos of some of the spots we like to visit like Cannery Row.

  9. Alright, you did the 2-2-2 once, but can you do it again? ;c)

  10. O.M.G... what a beautiful place. Enjoy the scenery!


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