Saturday, March 30, 2013

Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

It is no exaggeration to say that the undecided could go one way or

RVers are so very good at making plans.  This was the plan.  We were going to stay in Napa weatherfor about a week.  After that we had planned on moving just north of Sacramento to Lake Minden for four or five days.  That was the plan but do you think we really stuck with the plan?  Of course, not.

Thursday morning rolled around with a sky full of clouds.  This was moving day.  A quick check was made with our favorite weatherman who resides in my phone. We discovered rain was forecast over the next few days!  Rain!!!  Rain would spoil all our outdoor plans for sure.  We wanted sunshine.  What did we do?  We changed our plans, of course.  The sunshine for the next week was hanging around northern Oregon and southern Washington.  That’s where we needed to be.

The rain was right on schedule.  Just as we finished our unhooking and hooking, raindrops started to fall.  We knew we could get a head of it.  Our change of plans put us heading for the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, CA.  Once close we changed our plans again. Why not a few more miles to the Win River Casino in Redding or maybe the Elk’s Lodge there?   We didn’t make either of those as we discovered a Camping World just south of Redding.  That’s where we stayed instead.  Sound familiar?  Sometimes nothing works out as _mar304planned.  We’re really good at planning but not necessarily at sticking with those plans. 

Just one of our Camping World purchases  -- a table for the Weber at the “cabin”.

Whoever thinks staying in a parking lot at a Wal-Mart or Camping World is free should think again.  These places are more expensive than most RV parks.  This little spot on the bare lot at Camping World with tons of highway noise had no amenities and no hookups but it cost us well over $100 to stay there.

We followed part of the 2-2-2 rule.  We traveled less than 200 miles and arrived before 2:00.  However, we had no plans on staying two days.  Our plan  for Friday was the 7 Feathers Casino in Canyonville …. or maybe it was the SKP park at Sutherlin or maybe it would be Cabela's in Eugene.  We weren’t quite sure.  We did know we wanted to get over the Siskiyou Mountains and ahead of the storm that was coming in.  

The scenery soon changed!

Did we stick with any of those plans?  No.  We didn’t do that either.  We did stop at Canyonville and had lunch but since we had also started out that morning much earlier than planned we decided it was too early to stop for the day.  We continued driving …. through Sutherlin and even through Eugene.  We hit Portland just in time for the heavy work traffic but we certainly weren’t going to stop there either.  We moved right on across the 205 bridge and were welcomed into the State of Washington.

Oregon Sheep grazing on GREEN grass.

That 2-2-2 thing didn’t work again.  It was about a 450 mile day, we didn’t arrive before 2:00 PM but we can say we’ll be here for way more than 2 days.  The best part of the day was having dinner that evening at Olive Garden with our kids and their families.  We’re “home” and this snowbirding season is now behind us._mar303

We’re back in logging truck territory!  Not many of these in the Arizona deserts.

Saturday?  Saturday we check on the cabin.  Hopefully, there’s been no winter damage.  Hopefully, the three humidifiers did the job they were supposed to do.  Hopefully, there isn’t much clean up.  In the meantime the Vancouver Elks is a wonderful place to be.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Nice to hear you're home safe and sound. Hopefully this summer will be a little more relaxing for you than last.

  2. I guess you can be forgiven for breaking your 2-2-2 rule (again). Being home with your kids is certainly worth it.

    Now I'm standing by, waiting to see how you're going to "slow down" at your home base for the summer... ;c)

  3. Home! Oh how I envy you! Wish Dave had decided to move to Oregon instead of back to Minnesota. I'd be home now, too.

  4. Driving near those logging trucks always make me nervous.

  5. Og well, flexibility is the big charm of being an RVer, right? You are home and we will be by tomorrow afternoon. Only 3 more hours to go!

  6. Paul just staid yesterday that Terry and Jeri won't be happy with us. We broke the 2-2-2 rule. We will be here for 2 days but we traveled longer than 2 hours. I think breaking the rule for family is legitimate! We did the same thing to be with Paul's brother.

  7. We did our 2-2-2 days all at once. 600 miles each day for 3 days and it's only going to be 100 on the 4th! Does that add up?

  8. You guys sure know how to move once you make up your mind. That logging truck reminded me of home, too. We're still planning to head all the way up Hwy. 101 rain or no rain!

  9. Thats the beauty of this lifestyle, make plans then change them, make more plans and change them again. But at least you are enjoying it!


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