Tuesday, March 5, 2013

California Here We Come

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.

Leaving the Avondale Wal-mart on Sunday morning meant that travel would be light and we’d finally be putting more miles between us and the Phoenix area.  We were happy to go.  California here we come!

We hadn’t really decided exactly where we were going until that morning.  It was either to a membership park on the California side of the Colorado River or to one close to Palm Springs.  I had made reservations (which I rarely do) at both of them but wasn’t quite sure on the date of either one.  Once I discovered that one reservation was actually for that same day, our decision was made easier.  We knew where we were heading and it wasn’t towards Palm Springs.

Parker Dam
Lots of water activity too

We had never stayed at this park before but have friends who had stayed several times and another one who was currently at the park.  We’ve stayed at a lot of membership parks.  Some are really great with lots of amenities and others are pretty much bare bones. Our membership is  _March55in the Thousand Trails system and we definitely have some favorites there.  However, as much as I hate to admit it ……. this one comes close to one of the best membership park we have been to.  It has just about everything.

Duchess likes it.  There’s even a “doggie beach” here.

To begin with we have full hookups.  The best part of that right now isn’t the electricity and isn’t even the water.  It’s being able to hook right up to a sewer and let the water run.  Whee!!   The location is great.  It’s not in a big city but close enough to a couple towns for shopping.  


The park has a restaurant,  a bar, pool tables, tons of activities, mini-golf and even beyond all of those amenities …..  it’s right on the beautiful Colorado River.  We think we made a good decision because we like where we ended up.

We didn’t miss the ice cream social.

Monday we spent cleaning out the cupboards, under the bed, closets and getting rid of things we didn’t want to pack along. We've also been taking some might long hot showers.


However, Monday was more important than just a cleaning day.  It was also our grandson’s, Justin’s, birthday.  We couldn’t call him or text him because he’s on a ship someplace heading somewhere.  We have no idea where in the world the Navy is taking him.  Oh, we have an idea but it’s just a guess.

That’s my update.  We’re here for a while and then we’re heading towards Barstow and Calico Ghost Town (we think).  Ever been there?  We haven’t but when my cousin was a trainer for Disney, he stayed there for a couple weeks while they were making a movie but more on that later.  That’s the plan and you know how well we stick to our plans!!


‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Bar...count me in. Love your site. Looks so warm and inviting.

    Praying for Justin's safety. When you do get to talk with him, thank him for all he does!

  2. I knew if we could ever get you into Emerald Cove you would love it! Just sorry we aren't there to sing for you!!

  3. Enjoy those long, hot showers! Amazing how something you take for granted when living in a house is a special treat after boondocking in the desert.

    But then, that's the fun of life on the road.

    Great picture of Justin. He's grown into quite a man!

  4. Glad you are finally on the road again. Enjoy yourselves, you deserve it.

  5. And I thought you'd be comin' over here. RV-Park Junkies! :-)

  6. Yes, thank Justin for his service! How old is he?

  7. Looks like a nice place with all the amenities and great weather, Enjoy it while you are there.

  8. Welcome to my world. I'm glad you like it here.


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