Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another Hiccup in our Plans

A TV can insult your intelligence but nothing rubs it in like a computer.
After being at the RV park behind the Scottsdale Elks for almost a full month, we finally moved out.  It’s easy to move when you just keep moving after a day or two.  When you’ve been someplace for a while, it’s a little more difficult to get all those cobwebs out.  We got out later than planned but that was mainly because we didn’t want to arrive at our new destination too early. 

We didn’t move far and we ended up moving east a bit instead of heading due west.  Our destination was the RV park at Camping World in Mesa.  Now most of you know there really is no RV park there.  It’s just their parking lot and their lot is always full with other RVs this time of year.  Since our appointment was scheduled for 8:30 AM the next morning, we figured it was easier to move in the afternoon than be on the highway early when all the work traffic is out there.

We’re actually looking forward to moving into an RV park with FULL hookups.  We’ve almost forgot what that was.  The Scottsdale Elks has water and electricity at each site but no dump. March22 The dump is on the property but we still watched our usage.  After all the less water that went in our tanks, the less often we’d need to move it to dump.

We had two appointments Friday morning.  One was at Camping World to get the motorhome serviced.  The other was at Aamco to get an alignment on the Jeep Wrangler  We just wanted to be sure everything was as it should be.

(Shoeless Joe:  You asked why we don’t just take the Jeep with us on our trip north.  We are taking one Jeep with us and the other we are leaving in Phoenix.  We don't want to drive one and tow the other.  Besides, this gives us an excuse for a mini vacation later.)

I can say we’ll be really tickled to leave the Phoenix area behind this year.  Way too much has been going here.  We’re looking forward to heading west or is it northwest? This winter season has been so different than previous ones.  I thought about summing  it up but not so sure I want to.  We’ve learned a lot, done a lot and spent a lot.  What more can I say?  There’s been some good and some not so good.


Now most of what was written above is pretty much what I wrote yesterday morning (with a few changes)  figuring I would update and post in the afternoon.  We all know that things don’t work out as planned.  We discovered on the way to the Camping World Thursday that our signal lights weren’t working in the motor home.  When we arrived we had that added to our work order.  However, in the time allotted they couldn’t find the problem and couldn’t fix it.  Aargh!  We were referred to several other places.  However, it was a Friday and no one works on Saturday around here .. no one.  So, we now have an appointment on Monday and certainly hope it can be taken care of then.
Duchess was comfortable waiting.

We would have been out of Camping World early on Friday and looking for a repair place except we had one other little hiccup …… our two hour alignment job on the Jeep ran into six hours.  Thus, we were stuck waiting for our vehicle.  Obviously, we weren’t happy campers with that either.  We had already moved out of our little spot at the Scottsdale Elks so weren’t too interested in driving back across town again.  Where did we end up?  We ended up exactly where we had left our Jeep Wrangler ….. at the American Legion. 

So, tomorrow is our 44th anniversary and now we know where we will spend it ….. in the Phoenix area.  That wasn’t planned either. I’m just glad our plans are rarely written in ink.  It seems we’ve had to change them often and most of the time it hasn’t been our choice.  Now you know why we rarely make reservations.  However, sometimes we do and we had this time.  We actually had two but no deposit required so easy to cancel.  We had one reservation in Parker … in case we went that way and another in the Palm Springs area … in case we went that way.  Obviously, we’re going to have to figure that out today.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Been a long time since you actually rode in the motorhome hasn't it? How did Duchess fare?

  2. Well, you will always remember where you celebrated your 44th.

    Happy Anniversary...I think the kids today could take a few lessons from you two! Not many make it to 4 years yet alone 44! Great job! God's blessings to you both.

  3. Looks like I'll be going to Phoenix in a few days. No slur intended but I hope you won't still be there. :)

  4. Juswt curious, do your turn signals not work when the JAGEEP is plugged in to the MH? I've seen a lot of problems caused by the toad plug mis wired or damaged.

    At least you're home no matter where you're delayed.

    PS: Happy Anniversary! :c)

  5. Happy anniversary! Keep writing your plans in jello, it works better that way.

  6. Happy Anniversary !! It has indeed been a 'different' Winter this year. I might even spend some time in Vegas on my way North.

  7. Enough with the bumps in the road out of here. Hope it goes well and quickly on Monday. Happy Anniversary and I hope you get to enjoy a great dinner at least.

  8. Happy 44th Anniversary - congrats and good luck with your travel plans.

  9. Happy Anniversary! We are in Lake Havasu area for a week or so, if you find yourselves near us, please let us know and possibly we could have a get together.

  10. Happy Anniversary - 44 years is a pretty good run!!


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