Friday, February 22, 2013

Tow Ready by RG and Sons – plus B&N Hiccup

Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back.

A few years ago when we were first at the Mesa Swap Meet we bought some hitch extenders from a booth.  It was then we were first introduced to John from  RG and Sons..  We had talked to several folks who highly recommended their work.  At that time we had them do a little work on a vehicle.  My brother had them install a baseplate on his Jeep.  He was very impressed.  The price was lower than the competition and the work was excellent.


When we needed our 12’ trailer modified to fit two ATVs, this is the place we thought of.  Again, the work was super and the price much less than what we had expected.  Needless to say by now we were really impressed with their work. Their business is handled in the back of their property right in Apache Junction.  They have a large covered service area and garage so overhead is low but quality definitely doesn’t suffer.

You might imagine now that I’m going to tell you about all the tweaking they did on the Jeep Wrangler we just adopted.  Well, you’re right.  Getting the Jeep tow ready was a snap and again the price charged would have been hard to beat.  He did the whole package for us.  Well, almost the whole package.  We already had the Blue Ox tow bar.  In addition, we had a step put on each side.  The Jeep has a 2” lift and getting in and out without one wasn’t easy.  The rock guard had been removed at one time so John replaced it with parts of one he had.  Cost for the rock guard … zero.  It was a service.

The previous owner of this vehicle had left a few dents on the front.  You can see them in the picture above.  Plus the front bumper had been pushed in.  The two low lights in the front were disconnected. RG and Sons straightened all of that out, did the wiring and even touched up paint.  We probably wouldn’t have had that done had the estimate not been so low we couldn’t refuse.

Next …. we even got a little personalization with striping in colors to match the striping on the motorhome.  I wanted it small but different.  What can I say?  We’re terribly impressed with the work, with the price and with the company. 

Check them out if you happen to need a little something done and you’re in the Apache Junction area. It’s RG and Sons.

 Now we just have the tires to do!


Have you ordered any books from Barnes & Noble and had them mailed to you?  Normally, I order everything from Amazon.  I’ve rarely had a problem and almost everything ordered has been delivered in less than a week.  My first order from B&N was placed.  Jeff and Tina had this book so we wanted it too.  You know how that goes.   Two days after ordering I got a confirmation of the order and notice of shipment.  Ten days later there is still no book.  With a call to the B&N service center, I was told the expected delivery date is March 5th!  What?  We won’t even be here then.  What to do?  I’m not sure but I will say it was not only my first mail order from B&N but will also be my last.  AArgh!

 Used Versace Bag ---  $895.00
Friday was spent finishing up odds'n ends and then picking Tammi up at her office.  She wanted to check out another My Sister's Closet, the designer-only consignment store.  There is another one in Chandler so that's where we headed.  We didn't have a lot of time.  After all, she had a plane to catch back to thoe grandkids of ours.  At this store we saw were more top end purses, shoes, clothing and other accessories.  It's fun to look but didn't find a thing I couldn't live without.  Visiting the store was just entertainment.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Aren't you two going to be 4-wheeling in style. I think that Jeep is to nice to take off road.

  2. Sounds like good people to deal with.

  3. It's nice to know about them but hopefully we don't ever need to have anything tweaked. Did you put something on RV Service Reviews? Anyway we can get the book for you?

  4. So nice to find a service business that does good work at a reasonable price. I've found a couple of them that I would drive out of my way to have them do the work.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on B&N. If Amazon can do it , I wonder why B&N can't. I love ordering things from Amazon. The Jeep is looking good.

  6. Nice to get quality work done at a good price. The jeep is just about ready to go and have fun.

  7. One good recommendation and one bad - thanks for both.

  8. Sometimes you win one, the JAGEEP looks great! Nice to know there are still great service places out there.

    I liked the pin stripes, you're stylin' for sure. Better than an expensive handbag... :c)

  9. And you still didn't get it painted RED !!!


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