Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some Days Are Very Long

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

aaSaturday turned out as planned.  My alarm clock started ringing around 3:00 PST (Pacific Standard Time).  I have to start on PST because the rest of the day was going to be on that time … well, most of the day was going to be.  When I arrived in Dallas from Phoenix I had to be on the local time in Dallas or I would have missed my flight.

The flights were uneventful.  You know how I love uneventful flights.  Anything other than that would have caused my blood pressure to rise and more stress than I would really want to deal with.-_Feb15a_3

Love the gadget charger in the Phoenix Airport

I love being upgraded to first.  I wish that happened on every flight I take but it doesn’t.  This time the shortest flight was first and the longest flight was coach but at least I had good leg room in the bulkhead.  Some of those airplanes have seats so close your knees are in your chest and your neighbor’s body is sitting on yours.  So, things were good. 

At least in first I had a fresh fruit plate for breakfast and a good distance from the person sitting in the same row.  Some folks ride up there and start drinking as soon as the first one is offered.  They drink all the way to their destination.  Why?  Because they can and because it’s free.  It doesn’t matter the time of day.  At this time of the morning a couple cups of coffee was just what I wanted.  It was free too.

As the plane descended through the clouds into Portland, the lady sitting next to me acted a little surprised to see the clouds and rain.  Huh?  It’s the Pacific Northwest and it’s February.  It was sunny when we left Dallas but after all, what did -_Feb15a_2she expect.

Terminal A at DFW has even added a Popeyes!

Tammi was at the airport in Portland right on time to shuffle me where I needed to go.  I spent most of the afternoon visiting with my aunt Jenny.  It was a one-sided visit but I’m thinking she knew I was there. That’s where I’m heading back today.

It was a long day.  It’s especially long when you fly from Phoenix to Dallas to Portland.  I’m thinking I’m going to change my mind on the return and go straight from Portland back to Phoenix.  That’s what I’m thinking at least.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Our daughter and son-in-law just moved to Portland and it has been a real transition for her after growing up in San Diego and Phoenix. Enjoy your time there and I hope you see some sunshine.

  2. Glad the flight was uneventful - that's good. I was flying from Albuquerque home to Victoria years ago and noticed that the flight also had a stop in Dallas. What?? I changed flights to get a more direct route as it seemed dumb to me to fly in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go.

  3. Yes, I think Aunt Jenny knew you were there, too. And that makes the long day worth it.

    Just in case you ever need to know, The McDonald's in Parker, AZ, has several outlets for you to use while using their wifi. They're by the tables around the corner closest to the bathroom.

  4. Nice quiet flights are always the best and what a surprise clouds and rain in Portland, who would have guessed.

  5. Did you see the ruts I left in Portland airport? I've flown in and out of there so many times. Maybe they've filled them in by now...

    Have fun, just don't get too waterlogged. ;c)

  6. Glad you flight was not too bad. Welcome back to the cold, dreary, gray of Oregon in February - although today was passably decent in Eugene. Hope we have some sunshine while you're here.

  7. Nice that you had an uneventful flight there. Buta direct flight home would be nicer.

  8. HUH ? I commented on this post. Where did it go ? Probably the same place my mind has gone !! LOL

    Phoenix to Dallas to Portland - how does that make sense ?


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