Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow and Tweaking the Jeep

Even when it is rainy the sun is shining in a smile.

Playing catch-up isn’t easy when so much has taken place.  So, I’ve decided to leave most of the past … in the past.  It’s just easier that way.

Big news around the Phoenix area was SNOW!!  There is never snow in Phoenix.  Well, almost never.  It is really unusual but it happened.  It’s been plastered all over the news.    That also means that the weather hasn’t been as warm as we would have liked.   We were close to the snow and decided to go just close enough for a little picture. 

Our life seems to be pretty chaotic recently.  That might have something to do with all the people we know in this area.  Wednesday was no exception.  Well, neither was the day before either.  Originally we had one planned event that day which was spending a few hours with Tammi.  She was flying into Phoenix for a business meeting but had a few free hours.  Before we knew it we had things planned on top of things with Terry’s mom, aunt, uncle and two doctor Feb21_2appointments. The day was a zoo.  The way it worked out …. Terry and I both spent “casino” time with everyone in the morning. 

Interested in a used Gucci purse at $900?

At noon we separated.  He went to his mom’s to chauffeur her around and I headed to the airport.   One of the places Tammi and I ended up was the high-end designer consignment store in Scottsdale, My Sister’s Closet.  Actually they have more than one of these but I wanted to show Tammi the store which has some pretty expensive USED clothing and accessories.   Who would ever spend $1100 for a used purse, $300 for a used jacket and so on?  Folks do.

It had been a long day and by the time Tammi was dropped at her hotel and I picked up Terry, we Feb21_1didn’t get back to the motorhome until close to 8:00 that night. It was run, run, run ... all day long.

What about these designer shoes?

Our Jeep Wrangler has been in and out of one shop and into another almost since we got it.   We have an appointment for tires tomorrow.  After this … it should be good to go.  We’ve been having it “tweaked” a little here and “tweaked” a little there. More on that later.  Towing it should be a snap.

The RV park we are at is full.  It’s so full in fact we’ve even had a couple other RVs waiting for an empty slot.  I think they've been waiting for our site as we had planned to move out but changed our mind.  We won’t be moving out for another week …. sorry.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. To bad that Arizona has gotten hit with all that cold snowy weather, hope it warms up for you, soon.

  2. Jeri...I can see you in those shoes now! You would look so chic.

  3. It is going to warm up a little each day now. Thank goodness. You need to leave this area so you can relax.

  4. Hope you can slow down soon. But not in those shoes.

  5. I'm surprised you didn't pick up two of those purses. Gucci and you, perfect together!

    Snow in Phoenix??? Where is all this Global Warming when you need it? With all that snow, it's a good thing you have a Jeep to move around in and not get stuck. :c)

  6. When we are that busy time is flying by even faster ---- so we don't get too busy here.

  7. We were in the middle of that snow storm on the 101 near the Phoenix Stadium where we are working the Sports Show this weekend...FREAKY! They are calling it graupel...just another word for SNOW!

  8. I guess you guys will have to change the definition of snowbird to 'somebody who brings snow with them'.

  9. Well, those shoes would sure slow me down. I've forgotten how to walk in anything like that.

    One of the things I like about Emerald Cove is I've never had to wait for a site. I usually call them the day I want to come to make my "reservation" and they always have a few spots open.

  10. No SNOW in Yuma - thank goodness. Hope you guys get to slow down soon.


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