Sunday, February 3, 2013

RVers: Similarities and Differences

Campfire at Quartzsite[4]“To make mistakes is human; to stumble is commonplace; to be able to laugh at yourself is maturity.

There’s a lot we know about other RVers and there’s also an awful lot we don’t know.  Some things we share and some things we figure it’s best not to share.   In the same way we share with those who have similar interests.  We don’t share all things with all people but usually only the things we have in common.

We share our RVing life with those who are interested in it and don’t share it so much with those who aren’t interested or with those who cannot possibly understand why we enjoy it so much.  After all, if one hasn’t done it, how can they understand what it’s like to be out in the desert with nothing but mountains, cactus, sunsets, sunrises and a dark sky filled with thousands of stars?  How can they understand the peacefulness of boondocking if they are tethered to hookups?  How can they understand if they outlethaven’t experienced it?

We have more of a tendency to share our past experiences with those who may have had a similar one or even around the campfire when everyone else is sharing.  There are many things to share from the places we’ve traveled, places we’ve lived or even stories of the life all of us have lived.  Even though politics and religion is taboo in most circles, it still is shared with those who have similar interests. 

We share hopes and plans for the future with those who have similar hopes and plans. Maybe it’s a planned trip, a new RV destination or even just a trip to a local eatery that we share.  It could be a hobby such as sewing, woodcraft, geocaching, gaming or even blogging. It’s that birds of a feather thing.  We share with those who enjoy the same things we do and not necessarily so much with those who don’t.
We share outside activities with those who enjoy the same activities.  Some of us like to hike, fish, kayak or just soak in hot mineral water.  Then, there are some who just enjoy the serenity of the ocean, collecting seashells or just listening to the waves.  It’s always nice to have someone we can talk to about things we like.

Some may think that there’s not a lot we really know about each other on the road but really there is an awful lot.  Sometimes we know more about the fellow RVer than even their best friends or family know.  We know some things but not all things.  Some folks are open books and other folks ….. well, not so much.   The similarities and differences both are what keeps RVers together.
This knowledge gathering is pretty typical of what goes on around a campfire in the evenings. Everyone has to have a turn.  Sharing is not one-sided. In Kindergarten we had what was called show and tell.  Not much has changed since kindergarten.  We still have those show and tell times except it’s no longer being moderated by a teacher.  It’s usually in the light of the fire and no subject is off the table.  Much is learned.  Much is discussed.

As we do sit around that campfire now and share our life ten years ago, twenty years and even 40 years ago, it’s interesting how many of us were really not so similar years ago.  We may not even have liked each other.  We walked along different pathways in many different circles. … then.  Time changes many things.  Maturity changes us.  Friends or acquaintances that never would have been due to differences in thought, action or location so long ago are now part of each other’s life.   In most cases maturity, understanding and the desire to share a lifestyle has taken hold. 

We still may not be the same in all ways, all thoughts and all ideas but we have grown where we can still enjoy the company of others and share our chosen lifestyle.  Not all RVers are alike.  We still pick and choose who we want to spend time with.  Some we enjoy more than others and some not so much.  However, we do have wheels.  Those wheels help us flee those we want to put distance between and those wheels also take us closer to those we want to share time with. 
RVers are no different than others in that people in our lives come and go.  We’ve probably met more folks in the last few years around a campfire than ever before.  Some have become friends and others are just passing through. With those just passing through there is no obligation, no responsibility and no expectation.  We may just share a good time for just one campfire.  We may see them down the road in another place, another time and at another campfire or we may not.  With friends .. we make plans to see them again and look forward to the next time we can share that campfire.  Again .. it’ll probably be in another place and at another time.

What a life.  It’s a good life.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Well put, I know I have missed sitting around the campfires down there with all you guys this year.


  2. WOW - Your best ever. I hope you don't mind I want to share it on Facebook. Take it off if you don't want me to.

    I know where we fit in this story, for sure.

  3. Wonderful memories and friendships have been developed around those campfires and there is such joy in looking forward to seeing those friends again on the road. Well said.

  4. I am with Sandie. Campfires bring so many great memories to mind. Even when Paul and I are along around a campfire, we talk about things that we normally don't talk about. Usually reminiscing about times we had with the girls when they were young. Wonderful times for sure.

  5. We look forward to the next campfire with you. Thankfully we can keep in touch and get updates via our blogs. Friends are friends no matter what the distance. :c)

  6. Definitely agree - well said ! In the RV world there is really something for everyone isn't there.

  7. Such a fantastic lifestyle, travelling , meeting people and making friends. You hit the nail on the head with this posting.

  8. Well said. We love sharing our experiences. We are planning a trip to Alaska this summer and that may even get me back to blogging. In the mean time I really enjoy keeping up through everyone else's blogs.
    That being said, we have never boondocked and that part of going to Alaska is worrying me so much that I am having a hard time really committing to the trip.

  9. Great post, lots of good thoughts and observations about our RVing habits and lifestyles.

    As for your statement "How can they understand the peacefulness of boondocking if they are tethered to hookups?" for me, it's not a question of understanding how peaceful boondocking might be out in the middle of a dark, dry, barren desert - I'm sure it is. Rather, it's the simple fact that I have absolutely no interest in doing that. None! I'll take a nice RV Resort with a swimming pool, golf course and long, hot showers any day.


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