Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Restaurants – Good and Bad

"What we love to do we find time to do."
I try to do these blogs every couple days.  It’s the only way I can remember what has happened and keep up.  Where did the time go?  When we were working the weeks seemed so long and the weekends so short.  Now every day seems to pass way too fast.  Before we know it summer will be here.

Tempe Marketplace

First of all and most important, we had business to take care of with the new JAG.  It’s in the shop.  Since we no longer have a trailer to tow, we’re getting it all set up for towing behind the motorhome.  Boy!  That’s expensive!!  Secondly, we had to do all the paper work and get the title information in the mail in order to drive it legally with license plates.  Hopefully, we’ll get those back sooner than later. When we get them back … we’re on the road again.

Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ
My lunch "special" -  1/4 chicken (really?)  $13.99 !

On the way back from dropping the JAG off in Apache Junction, we stopped at Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ in Tempe. Now we love good barbecue and this is one place we hadn’t tried.  My suggestion is if you’re in town and want barbecue go to Famous Dave’s or Joe’s BBQ.  They are both much better and less expensive too. Service at Lucille’s was slow and almost non-existent.  My chicken and ribs were both undercooked.  Terry loves brisket but not here.  He didn’t eat his meal either.   Ugh.

Tuesday morning Terry had an early flight to catch from the Phoenix airport.  Before we could leave we had to scrape ice off the windshield!  Now actually having to scrape ice means that it was really cold!  Thank goodness it was a one-time thing.  We don’t like ice or snow or anything like -_Feb13_3that.

Later that day cousin Shelley and I decided to try a new place for a late lunch.  Off we went to the Tempe Marketplace and the Thirsty Lion Pub and Grill.  My review …. we both LOVED it!

What do I do by myself when Terry is gone other than eat?  Well, I do anything I want.  I read, sew, walk Duchess, work on genealogy, visit and even shop.  One place I shopped was Barnes & Noble.  I’m not sure anyone would be interested in the type of books I’m reading right now but since others post their book titles, I can do mine too.  It may not be Killing Lincoln but it’s interesting to me.

My recent books!
genetics dnamolecule

This is Tempe Marketplaces’ campfire.  It’s right outside Barnes & Noble. Just like at Quartzsite you can gather your friends and enjoy a campfire here without bringing  wood.  They’ll light it for you and make sure it’s out when you leave.

’Tis life on the road.


  1. Too bad about your lunch experience, really hate spend good money on terrible food and bad service. Probably why I cook at home so much.

  2. Wow...I looked at your plate and said to Paul, "No way did that cost $13.99. " Such is life in the big city.

  3. The chicken was free, it was the out of season watermelon that cost so much...

    It is expensive to set up a vehicle for four down towing, but it's worth it in the long run. Try to do it on the cheap and you might find yourself being passed by the JAGEEP going down the highway! :cO

    I don't know if I'd want to trace my geneology. I might find out I'm related to a Congressman. :cD

  4. I don't know what to comment but I did read it.

  5. I had heard that Lucille's was pretty good. Glad to read your review cause you I know I can trust.

  6. Scrape ice off the windshield !! I'm near blinded just reading those words ! Come back to Yuma girl !

  7. Always like hearing about new restaurants - good and bad, thanks for the review.

  8. Happy Valentines Day
    No ice on the windshield here, beautiful today.


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