Friday, February 1, 2013

Mark it “SOLD”

Faith is knowing there is an ocean when you can only see a stream.

Time will soon be drawing to a close in Quartzsite.  It’s just about time to move on down the road for us.  Most of the folks we were with have already left.   We’ve also been here for much longer than we normally stay any place.  Well, any place but the state of Washington that is.  However, we’re still keeping ourselves pretty busy doing a whole of nothing.



Another member of our little group pulled out Thursday.  We all gathered around and exchanged hugs.  Some place down the road, we’ll meet again .. sometime and some place.  This time it was just a temporary farewell to Dianne and Tom.

Later that day we decided to check out another area on Main Street.  To me it was pretty dang junky but Terry likes to browse through junky stuff like this.  He’s always looking for a treasure.  Thank goodness he didn’t find too many so we were good to go on down to the next set of vendors.



Next stop was a flag shop.  We had something special in mind and actually found it.  I’m sure most of you have seen the flags with just one star in the middle.  Do you know what it means? It  signifies we have a family member serving in the military.  To us this flag is for Justin and we want him to stay safe.


In trying to keep up with all the others who post pictures of food on their blog I'm posting my food picture.   Here’s a fruit smoothie I was just getting ready to mix up ---- strawberries, blueberries, banana and a little orange juice … yummy.  I thought I'd share.  Well, I'm sharing the picture but not the smoothie.


Then, Thursday night it happened.  Yep ... it finally did.  We SOLD the RZR.  We always have some type of plan even though we rarely stick to the plans we make.  We're not quite ready to give up trail riding so this time our plan has been to replace the RZR with a Jeep Wrangler. With a Wrangler we'll no longer have to haul a trailer.  That part of this RVing stuff will definitely be behind us ... no more trailers ... ever!

The evening was ended with a campfire.

Friday was laundry day.  After all, we can't leave this place with dirty clothes.  There are a couple laundromats in town but one has Main Street Eatery attached to it.  Golly ... wish we had discovered that place earlier.  Prices are low and food was great.  It's also a convenient place to eat while your clothes are being washed.

‘Tis life on the road.



  1. Good news that you sold that RZR. One less thing for you to have to deal with. Safe travels.

  2. Love the header photo!

    I can't believe Terry couldn't find something he couldn't live without in all that junk.

    Congratulations on the sale. Safe travels my friend.

  3. Nice food picture!
    That good that the Rzr and trailer on gone, much easier to get around now.

  4. So you sold the Jaguar RZR. Now you have to get a Rolls Royce Jeep. After all, you have a high class image to uphold... ;c)

  5. Great job on the sale, always nice to have it done!

  6. I stole the group picture. Good one Jeri. And the smoothie looks wonderful.

  7. I have never done a smoothie. Looks very tempting. Do you need a blender and crushed ice (which either we don't have ) or can it be done with a handhold mixer?
    I definitely must try that.

    I hate good byes. Even the temporary ones. :((

  8. Love the new Flag for sure. But a sad day seeing the JAG pulling away. Even though I'm very happy for you guys that you don't have to deal with it any longer.

  9. Do they do your laundry while you go eat? If so, I may go back to Q next time I need to do laundry.

    I like it that you buy and sell more vehicles than I do. :)


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