Thursday, February 7, 2013

Elks, More DNA, Jeep Wrangler

"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."
Wednesday was another very busy day in our world.  My brother and his wife showed up at our door around 10:00.    They are Elk members and were very interested in checking out the RV sites at this Elks lodge.   It’s hard to look at one and think they are all the same.  They definitely aren’t.  Some just have facilities for RVs to dry camp .  Others are close to resort level with full hookups, swimming pools, bowling alleys and a restaurant.  One thing I do know is that joining the Elks was one of the smartest things we ever did.  Besides that the Elks is a great organization as they do many activities for their local community._Feb7_5  After checking it out we were off to the local Cracker Barrel.

My first DNA kit was from and I wanted to compare so I ordered another DNA kit but from  However, I didn’t donate the saliva to the little tube.  I had my brother do it.  The DNA results from a male donor gives more detailed results on the paternal branch.    I think 23andme is probably much more detailed.  In addition to ancestry composition, the results received also break down other inherited traits and genes that may contribute to good or bad health.  The Ancestry site on the other hand has a huge genealogical database and the results only reflect your DNA related to genealogy.   It will be interesting to compare these sites for future kits I may decide to order.


I had to take a picture of the applique on this cute bib at Cracker Barrel.  Not that I would make a bib but might want to use the idea for something else.

Duchess was thrilled that we did find time in the day to shop for her treats at the local Winco.  Her treat dish had gotten mighty low.  I think she thought we were punishing her.  The new Winco is located in Mesa … many miles away.  We also drug my brother to the Winco with us.  They had never visited but weren’t really impressed except for the bulk black jelly beans.  They wincobagstocked up on those. 

One of our bags never made it from the check-out stand into our basket so once home we had to make another trip to pick it up.  UGH!  That called for another dinner with brother and SIL.  This time it was at the local Coco’s in Mesa.  We had been to Coco’s the day before in Tempe and the salad was amazing.  However, salad wasn’t even close at this one and the service?  Well …. it was really, really bad. 

Thursday was supposed to be the day we were going to spend ushering Terry’s mom to the casino.  It didn’t happen.  We ended up being much busier than just sitting down in front of a slot _Feb7_6machine and plugging in dollar bills.

Sorry Denise … couldn’t find a red one that had everything we were looking for.

Several days ago we found a Jeep Wrangler that had the options on it we wanted and at the price we were willing to pay.  It wasn’t intended to replace our Jeep Liberty but to replace the RZR we had just sold.  The hang up with the Jeep was that the seller had just paid it off at the bank and the release of her lien had not been recorded on the title at the DMV.  Today we finalized the transaction at the bank.  She got the cash and we got the keys … but that was just the beginning.  In Arizona the current license plates go back to the owner so first stop was at the Arizona DMV for a temporary permit while we wait for permanent ones.

We also made the obligatory stop at the first auto supply store we saw.  There are always things to buy when getting a different vehicle.  Then, of course, we needed to have spare key_Feb7_1s made.  Next, was a fast trip to Apache Junction to set up the installation of a base plate, braking system and side steps.   One more stop on the way back at brother Bob’s to show him the Jeep and then we were off in the middle of work traffic and heading back to Duchess.  

Our Liberty is going to be put in storage not too far from the Phoenix airport.  We plan on flying back in May, June or July and taking a little vacation driving it to Washington State.  Who knows where we'll end up. 

We drove by this sign.  I had to take a picture of it since it’s my blogger name.

By the time we got back we were so totally zonked …. again.  

Terry’s tickets still need to be ordered for his flight on Tuesday to Portland.  Hopefully, I’ll get around to that on Friday … hopefully.  That’s the plan at least.  You know how good we are with plans though.

I liked this embroidery!  It says mountains!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. congrats on your new purchase!! nice Jeep!!

  2. You ARE busy folks. Whew.. takes my breath away.

  3. Do you really want to take that fine looking vehicle off road? Looks too nice to get dirty.

    We stay at the Elks as much as possible. We usually fine the members so nice and the price just right...except in California where they think everyone has money.

  4. A 2 Jeep family!

    Embroider that for me!

  5. Congrats on the new purchase. You're going to have so much fun with that.

  6. I'm exhausted just from reading your post. You guys don't wait around when you make up your mind !! Does the top come off at least ? Maybe you can paint it red ??

  7. You are a couple of goof offs. I don't see the Jaguar on the Jeep's hood yet!

    PS: The Jeep looks really nice. :c)


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