Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Waze Craze and Stopped by a Cop

-phx_2"The trouble with life in the fast lane is that you get to the other end in an awful hurry."
Christmas and New Years are now behind us. So, what's next?  We are certainly not going to sit still.  The weather should start improving in a few days and we're really looking forward to that.  Amazing how much better you feel when the sky is blue and the weather warm.

Tomorrow is moving day.  Actually, we're half moved.  We drove into the BIG CITY today with the Razor loaded on the trailer.  The idea was to mark our spot at our next RV park and then move the rest in the morning.  That we did so we're getting ready to itch that hitch and I'm so glad. 

We received a couple Olive Garden gift cards for Christmas.  On the way back to Casa Grande -phx_1we figured it was a perfect time to stop for lunch.  Check out my plate ..... mussels, scallops and shrimp.  It was a meal made in Heaven!  Well ... kinda.

Mussels, shrimp and scallops …. 

We'll probably hang around the Phoenix area for another week.  That'll give us time to visit a little more with Terry's mom and stock up on supplies.  After that we're off to meet friends in Quartzsite for the biggest RV event of the year.  That’s about the time the Big Tent goes up and hundreds of thousands of other people converge on the little town. Fun, fun, fun. 

waze1Have you been hooked with the Waze craze?  This is a fun app for your iPhone.  It's a navigation device and gives you real-time driving conditions where you are and where you're heading.  The idea is to outsmart the traffic, save time and gas money.  It's fun, fun, fun and it's free.  The app also notifies you of accidents, hazards and other events you see on the road.   Waze is hands-free and voice-operated. 

Another great feature is being warned of  hidden police.  I know they say having police on the road is for safety.  I would definitely agree if they would actually patrol the roads and not hide where speeders and dangerous drivers can't see them.  Just being visible can prevent all kinds of highway calamities.  It's difficult to understand how their presence can be for safety when their hiding behind bushes or other contraptions.  Have you ever noticed how many drivers slow down and drive sane when a state patrol car is seen cruising down the highway?  Now that's  preventive and probably eliminates many accidents.

Speaking of police .....  I'm all in favor of having more police officers but not to fill the shoes of those hiding or harassing.  How many times have you or your family been stopped by the police?  If you live in a large town, maybe notcop1 at all because the odds are in your favor.  However, if you live in a small town, there aren't many other folks and the odds turn against you.     Our son and his family live in a town with a population of about 4,000.  Their family has been stopped about 8 times in the last two or three years.  Okay this might be an embellishment but not by much.   Out of those eight stops or so only two tickets were actually issued ... once for license tags that had been expired for about 18 days and the other time was when Jordan didn't make a complete stop at a stop sign.  The other few times no tickets were written .. of course.

Well, when I was with Sabrina over the holidays she got stopped .... again.  I didn't remember to post it because she wouldn't let me take a picture of her with the two cop cars and their lights flashing.  If I can't take a picture, I can't be responsible for remembering events.   I wanted that picture!!!

The policeconversation began with the officers telling her they had seen us come into town on  a street we hadn't been on.  Not hardly as it would have been very much out of our way.  Supposedly their first issue was with that car ....  or was it just a ploy?  The next issue was her headlight.  After that came the tint on the car windows.  There was no after-market tint but they were so sure there was, they tested it.   It tested perfect.  She wasn't given a ticket.  There was nothing to give her a ticket for just like most other times their family had been stopped.    I'm all for having police officers and making our towns and streets safe but not like this.

Living in a small town definitely isn't like living in a large town.  In a large town there are lots of infractions and lots of people to keep the police busy.  In a small town ... not so much.  That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. 

Remember yesterday I made a comment that we're tired of pulling a trailer?  Well, we have a plan to eliminate that trailer!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. That plate looks delicious!

    I downloaded Waze when we were in Houston. Helped us several times avoid big bottle necks.

    No comment about being stopped by the police...we may be next.

  2. Sure am looking forward to seeing you guys again. Haven't tried out Waze. Gives me something to do today. Hopefully no tickets for us for a long, long time.

  3. Downloading Waze as I type, thanks for the tip!

  4. Just downloaded the Waze and I think Im going to like it.

  5. You were in the car with Sabrina? No wonder she got stopped. They must have had advance notice that you were a troublemaker... ;c)

    When we lived at Sandy Hook, NJ, a seven mile long peninsula that is a national park outside of NYC, the base was on the tip. All winter long we'd get pulled over by the park rangers and hassled because there were no tourists. They had to make their quota. Then they'd come to the base galley for lunch and we'd feed them. :cO

    Am I smelling a toy hauler in your future?

  6. It's frustrating when local governments hire people who then need to justify their jobs. In the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area we have the Traffic Management Center. These guys are supposed to monitor the traffic to see what can be done to make it flow more smoothly like sending responders to accidents and breakdowns quickly. What they do is turn on ramp meters so traffic doesn't flow at all. They actually turned off the meters for a study and found most traffic went fine without them but one by one they have been turning them back on again. After all if your name is Traffic Management you feel compelled to manage, right?

  7. "Well, we have a plan to eliminate that trailer!" Now you got me really curious !! You'd better not be getting rid of the JAG before Thelma (you) and Louise (me) have one more drive through the desert !!

  8. And your "Grand Plan" is???????????????????????



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