Sunday, January 27, 2013

Arizona Desert Hopping

"Never let yesterday use up today."
Saturday was moving time again.  We were moving from spot in the desert to another.  As our luck would have it, it was one of the few days that it rained all day long in Arizona.  That’s right …. all day long!!  What made that even worse was the fact that the lines to the dump at the LaPosa BLM had been mighty, might long.  We had a choice.  We could either decide we were just going to kill a couple hours in line waiting to dump and fill up with water or we could get partially ready the night before – in the rain, of course --  and finish up early in the morning.  Well, not real early but at least before many others did.  That was the plan and it worked. 

JAN27_18 JAN27_17

Not a creature was stirring except for Roger and Lynn who were parked by us.  They had the same plan.  They had no intention of sitting in that line if they didn’t have to.  All four of us looked like wet mops but that’s the way it was.

There were mud puddles just about at every dip and if the ground wasn’t packed, you’d definitely sink in because the rain made it soft.


There was no line whatsoever and only one other RV was dumping and filling.  Our timing was absolutely perfect.  We figured no one else wanted to get out in the rain.  They probably thought since we were Arizona it wouldn’t rain all day and they’d do it later.  Wrong!  It rained all day.


We didn’t have a long drive.  It was one of the shortest moves ever …. 13 miles.  However, it was raining there too.  It seems we may have better cell service and internet here though.  That’s a plus because over the last few days our phone couldn’t call out or get data and our internet – both AT&T and Verizon – were sometimes on and sometimes off. 


We do have puddles at the new place.  Duchess found them for us.

Over the last few days the weather had been nice and there was a bunch of outdoor activity that took place.  One was the fixing of Denise’s rig.  Terry and Doug went at it building a box to hold her batteries.  Doug also added bins to the back of Lee’s (aka IYQ’s) truck.

JAN27_27 JAN27_6

Denise had been ill and wasn’t up to moving her motorcycle into her toy hauler. Thank goodness we had a couple in our group who also had Harleys. Mike and Julie took charge and did it for her.   Again, thank goodness for that. 


Now that part of our Quartzsite adventure is behind us.  We’ve moved and are on to another one.  The first thing on the agenda was Happy Hour at the Prather’s.  It was an inside event because it was still dripping outside.

Heidi, their Yorkie, even performed tricks for us. You can tell by this picture how fast she was circling to get her little treat. She knows a lot of tricks.



We also visited Dianne and Tom at La Mesa RV. We caught Tom in the act of actually working! They bought a new-to-them motorhome and were busy unloading and loading it.  It's quite a beauty too.

Notice what we have back with us …. the RZR and the trailer.  We had it sitting at one of the consignment shops in Quartzsite.  While there it was stuck in the middle of all the other stuff accumulating dust.  It absolutely looked like crap.  Terry went down and hauled it back so we got _JAN27_2a chance to drive it around again.  What we did discover is that even though the tank was full when we took it there and no one took it for a test drive, the gas tank was now empty.  We also noticed we no longer had a hitch.  Oh well … what can you say.  Besides we thought we had priced it very low but by the time a fat commission was added to it it wasn't necessarily a very low price. Oh well, we’re back to hauling the trailer at least until we get to Phoenix.

I think I’m caught up now.  This is the last day of the Big Tent and we plan on being there around _JAN27_1noon.  Normally the crowds have left by then, vendors are closing down and offering sales.  That’s the plan.

Some folks figure out all ways to haul their toys.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Too bad about the rain biut at least you got thru the dump station without a long lineup.

  2. Glad nobody melted in the rain, sure makes for a messy day though.

  3. Lovely header photo!

    Y'all can have a party anywhere...rain or shine.

  4. That's some camera girl! To be able to get a "spin" on Heidi.

  5. Showing off your new flag pole in your header picture? That didn't take long to get installed.

    I like your good timing, that dump line sure can be long. That loss of your hitch is sickening, what is wrong with some people? Wish you could have caught the bums.

    Onward to the next great desert adventure!

  6. The line up to the dump station was long today pretty much all day. But I didn't mind just sitting back waiting my turn.

    What a drag though about the stolen gas and hitch ! I would have been really pissed !!!

  7. We did it too - all alone at the dump station. Great timing I's say!
    I'm appalled that there is so much theft going on. Incredible and disgusting!


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