Friday, May 25, 2018


I know many of you won’t believe this but I actually hit “Burn-out” on the 6-week trip in our little gadabout.  It was big time “Burn-out”.  I can’t remember the last time in years that I went over a month without blogging.  My pictures are still in the camera I took them with except for the only one posted here and that’s because it was just sent to me.  I figured I needed one so this one is of Justin’s recent bull riding experience.  This particular shot was taken just before he hit the ground!

When I left off we had just arrived at the Arksansas Diamond Mine expecting to meet up with Anders and Cheryl.  We dug for diamonds and didn’t find any.  That’s a lot of work and another story within itself.  At least we can say been there, done that!

We got stuck for five days outside of Tulsa waiting for the massive storm that cut north and south across the US with high winds, large hail, thunderstorms and even a few tornados.  Again, pictures are still in my camera but we were finally free to run and run we did.  It was another five days as we cut across Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and finally into Washington.  We visited a few more family and friends along the way.  Again, pictures are still in my camera.

On arrival at our “Cabin” we started to work.  Tammi and Robert had done a tremendous amount of work replacing kitchen and bathroom flooring plus new bathroom fixtures.  It was our turn now so we worked and worked on tearing out the rest of the flooring and some walls.  We discovered a little rot in the flooring that had to be fixed so it was a continual roll of one project to another. We’re still not done but that’s the update and that’s what we’ve been up to.  

Sandi is now on her way to Washington so we’ll be catching up with her later today.  Congratulations are in order for her with her recent advancement to Petty Officer 2nd class! 

Hopefully in another week we’ll be able to start enjoying and planning for the rest of our summer.   Weather has been gorgeous and this is the perfect place to be this time of the year.

There's the blog and it's about as condensed as I can make it.

‘Tis life on the road.